Big Things Coming Down the Pike

Epic day.  Got to do the whole practice at the Job thing.  It’s very strange sitting on the media side.  Going downstairs after practice to interview players, I figured I’d have to work hard to control the SQUEE and FLAIL, but no.  Talk about intimidating.  Whew.

But I managed.  I didn’t even really stumble over my words or puke on their shoes, so I’m calling it a win!  So in each of the next two weeks I’ll have Q & A’s coming out on The Fourth Period with players.  Cool beans.

OEL was so polite and said hello in the hall.  Bryz was like HEY LADIES.  And no, those aren’t the players I interviewed.  Too scary to interview people with accents when it’s your first time.

So break down of practice…… I don’t really know cuz I was so busy going over stats and working on my questions.  WHAT A WASTE!

I can tell you this:  Yonkman was paired up with Schlem and OEL & Sami were put together.  Yonkman was all super into everything and ended up breaking Doan’s stick.  AKA SLASH.  DUDE, QUIT BREAKING THE STAFF OF HOCKEY JESUS.

Also it ended with shootout practice.  YES!  BEST PART OF PRACTICE!

So who made it past the first round:

Dmo, Jovo, Belanger, Fiddy, Schlem, OEL (!!!), Yonkman, Uppy, Stempniak, Oakie, & Whitney.

Holy crap, that’s a lot of Dmen.

Who made it past the second round:

Jovo, Schlem, Yonkman

Who made it past the third round:

Schlem & Jovo

They each went another round and tied and Tippett was like F-IT, we’re done, you both won.


Rampage game vs Chicago Wolves:  They won 5-2.  Matt Watkins, Brett MacLean, Maxim Goncharov, Peter McArthur, and Mikkel Boedker had the goals.

Petr Prucha and Andrew Ebbett both had 2 assists.  Teek and Boeds had an assist each.

Ready. Set. Rampage?  No.  More like…. Ready. Set. Kick Ass.

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