When The NHL Gives You Panthers, You Make Pantherade

There wasn’t any way to win the game last night.  Well, we technically could have won, but if you win, you just beat the Panthers, you are supposed to do that, ESPECIALLY without Vokoun.  If you lose, YOU LOSE TO THE FREAKING PANTHERS, AND THEY DIDN’T EVEN FREAKING HAVE VOKOUN IN NET!!!!!!!!!!!.

No way to win.

BUT!  Despite an OT lose, there were tons of positives.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, we still lost to the damn Panthers WITHOUT VOKOUN.  But we had some good stuff cooking in the Kitchen O’ Coyote.

WE HAD FANS!  The announced crowed was a bit over 10K, which is bad.  BUT, it’s an improvement over a lot of game this year AND IT WAS AGAINST THE FREAKING PANTHERS!  Not too bad.  One of the minority investers for Hulsizer was at the game, so WOOT for people showing up.  To see the Panthers.  Bahahahahaha.  We also had these guys:

They all had Hawerchuk sheseys on. Fan Club Meeting!

Well, God Bless them for contributing money to the Coyotes staying 😉

Another good thing:  Marty scored!  Oh wait, that wasn’t the intended focus…. WE GOT A POWER PLAY GOAL!  (AND HOLY CRAP IT WAS MARTY!!!!!!)

Whitney winds up..... Marty says ZOMG! Goalie says... what?

Marty does his deflection dance.... very similar to the "Sweet Jesus don't shoot at my junk" dance.....

........AND............ GOAL FACE! Very close to "whew! my junk is intact AND we got a goal" face.

Our Power Play is currently tied for 14th in the league with 16.7% success rate.  That’s a far cry from our entire dismal power play last season.  It seems that Ray Whitney, now that he’s woken up, is making a pretty big difference in the PP.  That and we stuck Marty’s tall ass in front of the goalie.  I have super mixed feelings about that.  1) Awesome, he can get more goals!  2)  WHY ARE THEY SHOOTING AT MARTY ALL THE TIME, KILL! KILL! KILL!

So far it’s more of #1 than #2 but, this could change.

Another positive we have:  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDLE!  So that kid played 30:38 last night.  That it a crap-ton of time on ice and he’s been playing 28 to 30 minutes consistently, which is amazing.  But, if he is playing that much, that’s more time he could get hurt…. and then we’d be missing a guy that plays 30 min a night and is a big special teams player.  WE WOULD BE SCREWED!

Yandle skates!

Yandle shoots! (He had 9 shots last night, 9!!!!)

Yandle catches a cat-nap with one eye peeking! (As opposed to Jovo, who full-on sleeps for entire periods at a time with both eyes closed)

Yandle needs people to hold him.... one more shift Yands!

Even Vrby is like...... you need a break Yands? I can slash you.


And that is my photo tribute to Yandle’s 30 minutes of ice time last night.  The kid is impressive.  Less impressive is the 9:18 for Yonkman and 9:37 for Schlemko.  Our third pairing is the reason Yands/Dmo are carrying so many minutes.  You have to think that, at some point, we will either:

1) Bring up OEL (who carried 19 minutes in his game two weeks ago).

2)  Trade for a Dman

Now, we all know that I would be a huge fucking fan of option #1.  That kid scored TWO GOALS last night for San Antonio and no lie, we could use some Dman offense since Jovo isn’t putting out like he used to (hahahahaha).  The second option is tricky because we would likely have to trade away more than draft picks, unless the trading team was cap-screwed.  Our offense is clicking well together and getting rid of any piece of the puzzle could be problematic.

Well maybe we should trade our prospects?  BAD IDEA.  While our prospects are INCREDIBLY ATTRACTIVE  to other teams, we only have 7 forwards under contract for next year and one of those being Bizz.  We may need Boedker, Tikhonov, MacLean to come up and actually play with the big boys next year.

Ok that was a big tangent, anyways, short story is, our D needs to works some crap out before we wear out Yands/Dmo or get them hurt.

So the end of last night was….. SHOOTOUT!  Aka the NHL’s version of GET THE GOALIE!


Lee was up first, but no dice man.


Then came Vrby.  THIS MAN IS SO DAMN MONEY that I wanna take him into a store an exchange him for some goods.  He always uses his same shot, and his shot aways works.  When you need a man to depend on, Vrbata is the one you call.


Jesus Christ, then there is this guy.  Uppy is so damn funny.  He RARELY gets to do shootout, and if he does, it’s in the later rounds.  So Uppy goes out there and scores.  And freaking chaos ensues.  IT’S CHRISTMAS Y’ALL!


Uppy gets bench love.

And then the bench laughs at him

And he comes back for more love. PS ~ Uppy went up to Fiddy and Fiddy totally fake made-out with him. Fact.

Ray Ray

Ray Ray didn’t have the magic tonight.


Korps didn’t score…. could he actually have gone in TOO fast?  I’m going to investigate this.

So, we lost 2-1 to the Panthers.  Fail.  But, it could have been worse fo’ sho’.

Picture time!

Who is this? Oh right, Lepisto. Tippet's next victim to San Antonio? PLAY THE DAMN BOY

Vrby: Get in here Marty, dis not our shift!

Holy crap, I accidentally took a picture of Jovo. It turned out ok.

Does Taylor ever NOT look intense? Does he ever stare in the mirror to attempt "casual Taylor" eyes?

Marty: Whew! Junk intact! Vrby: hahaa, been there.

After the FL goal, Turris gets serious.

Vrby and Dmo discussing putting Red Bull in Yandle's bottle

Yonkman: Not really in focus. Kinda like his game. Burn!

Hey Coach, you know you want me in the shootout. Am I right? Tipp?

Stemper shows emotion. Alert! Alert!

All up in Schlem's grill

Someone yelled Bell-an-ger again last night. Jesus.

Picture of Doan, photobombed by Vrbata. VRBY!

Picture of Doan, photobombed by Yonkman. GODDAMN GUYS (PS ~ Doan looks all stressed out?)

GOTCHA! And you're little 'fro too.

O hey there Korpi


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One Response to When The NHL Gives You Panthers, You Make Pantherade

  1. Nicole says:

    Did Oakie play last night? I didn’t see him 😦

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