Suck Puck Duck Fu……

Sami, get out from behind there, YOU NEED TO SCORE!

Ok, so Sami didn’t score, Pyatt tipped it.  But, in the eyes of this blog…. SAMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe I’m seriously biased, but I swear we play better with Sami.  He takes good shots and while he is a little crazy, he’s a solid, mobile defender.  Just sayin.

So we went into the pond and avenged our previous loss.  Apparently, Bobby Ryan was too busy worrying if his fly was down during this game to score 3 goals.  Thank you random girl!

In addition to Sami’s (Pyatt’s) goal, Doan (!!!!!) and Stemniak (empty netters still count Sir) got on the board for us.  So Doan was able to score beacause  *at this point, children should stop reading this post*


The Ducks are so fucking dirty.  I CANNOT STAND THEM.  AT ALL.  I HATE THEM WORSE THAN THE RED WI…..OK……… EQUAL AMOUNTS AS I HATE THE RED WINGS.  Mara freaking gets into a Crosschecking match with Wolski.  WOLSKI!  He’s like this little cabbage patch kid that would never hurt anyone BECAUSE HE’S A DOLL MARA.  YOU CROSSCHECKED A DOLL.

Awwww, how could anyone wanna hurt our lil Polish cabbage patch man?

You know who also needs to drop the soap in a prison?  FREAKING ANDY SUTTON.  YES, I SAW THE REPLAY.  I AM AN EXPERT.  GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!  I JUST WANT TO RUN THEM ALL OVER WITH A BUS.  AND THEN BACK OVER THEM (except Bobby Ryan because he is, and forever shall be, an American Hero.  Team USA umbrella of protection).

So basically the game can be broken down like this:  We scored.  Bryz shut them out.  The Ducks showed they were the dirtiest scum in the NHL.

Whew.  Ok.  Glad I got that out.

Doaner! Why you fighting with Panthers, you have to go score in Anaheim!

K I’m done talking about the Ducks.  May they all lose their hair like their Captain (once again, except Bobby Ryan, USA! USA!)


Oh those Coyote Pups are kicking ass and taking names.  They swept two games against the Baby Red Wings in Grand Rapids today and Saturday, after beating the Texas Stars on Friday.  6 point weekend?  Can’t get better than that right there!

So that puts the Rampage at 18-6-1, which leads not only their division, but the entire Western Conference of the AHL.  They have scored 84 goals, while allowing only 66.

The leaders look like this:

Matheiu Beadoin:  12-15-27 in 25 games, with 8 PIM, 63 shots and has 6 power play points

Brett MacLean:  11-11-22 in 25 games, with 18 PIM, 114 shots, and 5 power play points

Mikkel Boedker:  6-16-22 in 25 games, with 6 PIM, 57 shots, and 3 power play points

Viktor Tikhonov:  4-12-16 in 25 games with 10 PIM, 51 shots, 1 power play point, and 1 short handed goal

Oliver Ekman-Larsson:  2-6-8 in 10 games, with 14 PIM, 23 shots and 1 power play point

Petr Prucha:  4-1-5 in 5 games, with 0 PIM, 15 shots, and 1 power play point

Both Matt Climie and Al Montoya are rollin like wheels down a hill.  Matt is 11-4 with a 2.10.  Al is 7-3 with 3.0 but is vaaaaastly improved since the start of the year where he had some blow out games.

How scary does this power play sound?  It’s at about a 26% success rate.  Boedker and OEL run the point, Tikhonov, MacLean, and Prucha can be down low.  Umm, that PP would be better than some of the NHL teams.  Seriously.  Plus you have Ebbett, Beaudoin, Picard, Stafford, and Stone to fill out an entire second unit.  THIS IS COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS.

Prucha and OEL had two goals each in Saturday’s game.  TWO GOALS EACH.  HOW DID I MISS THIS GAME?

So, one has to wonder, how long Prucha and OEL are going to be tearing shit up in the AHL before they are called back.

Will Prucha be plucked off re-entry waviers?

Will OEL be allowed to go to the World Juniors at the end of December or will his liklihood of being called up as an emergency injury replacement keep him stuck in San Antonio?

Will Chris Summers perform Bieber songs as intermission entertainment?


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6 Responses to Suck Puck Duck Fu……

  1. Melissa says:

    I agree the Ducks are dirty scum but honestly the Flyers are worse. (Okay maybe they are equal – I hate them both.) And I understand your frustration with Mara for hitting Marty but he is NOT a dirty player (Rangers/Coyotes fan talking here so I have first hand experience…..yep the Pru effect lol). He makes mistakes because he plays with as much heart as…..well he plays with as much heart as Prucha does on a nightly basis. As long as Marty and Wolski are okay, let’s just forget about it and leave Mara alone. (Sorry, I have a soft spot for the ex-Ranger…you would too if he played for your team. Please don’t lump him in with the scum that is Getzlaf and Perry.)

    As for the Rampage…..Pru and OEL are completely tearing it up down there and need to be saved from that league ASAP. (Honestly so do Beaudoin, Teeks, Boeds and Maclean but we only have so much space on the Yotes.) Any way you can work on that so I can see them in NY in 2 weeks? I promise to send pics if you do 😉

    • Kerri says:

      What Melissa said. Paul Mara is my homeboy, and he plays with almost as much heart as my favorite N… I mean, AHLer. (*hmph*) I love you, but these are fighting words, Amy.

  2. Breezy says:

    Sami! SAMI!!! SAAAAAAMMMMMIIIIIII!!!!!!!!! sorry, had to get that out of my system. As far as I’m concerned that goal is still his. Glad he finally got a chance to play. And the Ducks are evil. period.

  3. Carol says:

    I hated Andy Sutton so much when he was with Sens…. now, when I look at their unability do to ANYTHING, I’m starting to miss him.

  4. Jordan says:

    Have to disagree with Melissa on this one. The Flyers are a much more physical team than most, but they are rarely dirty. And unlike the Ducks, when a Flyers player does make a hit that crosses the line, they answer the bell. The amazing thing is that the Ducks have been this way since they came into the league – the players change but the dirtyness remains. And as much as I can give some love to Paul Mara as an ex-yote, he can be a dirty SOB at times. It might just be emotion, but there are ways to channel emotion to play effective hockey with big hits (see Doan, Richards) and there are guys that take cheap shots (see Mara, Briere, Jason Blaker).

    • Melissa says:

      I’ll agree with you on the Ducks vs Flyers. As a Rangers fan, I look at them as equally dirty but the Flyers do answer the bell. The Ducks are just……well I don’t think I need to add to that around here! I have never seen the cheap shot side you say Mara has. Didn’t follow him before he came to the Rangers but don’t remember him ever taking a cheap shot while with us (other than fighting Kaleta when the little whimp chickened out but that was deserved 😀 ). Maybe because I’ve seen him stick up for teammates too many times, I’m able to forget the few times he probably stepped over the line…..

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