Bieber On The Rampage?

Alright watch this entire video to see a girl fall literally 4 times on the ice and hear Chris Summers trash Canada and talk about his mustache.

OR if you are just here for the LOLz, watch the video from the 4:50 mark until the end.

GOLD.  How is Chris so good you may wonder?

Bieber learned everything from Summers. Even the hair.

Summers is freaking hilarious.  I can’t wait until he comes up to play for the Yotes.  It’ll most likely be a season or two, but he’s such a great guy.  Captain at Michigan during his Junior and Senior years.  In fact, the reason he Bieber’d it up was his losing a bet on the Michigan/Ohio State game.  Company man until the end you see.

Let’s learn a bit about him.  He’s a Michigan kid who went and played all four years at Michigan and majored in psychology.  He played golf in high school and was on the honor roll all four years (OMG golf?  He’s perfect for Phx!)

He won a gold medal with Team USA at 2006 IIHF World Under-18 Championship in Sweden … Skated in all six games as a forward, tallying one goal, the game winner in the gold medal game, but he’s a Dman now.

Now only if his slapshot was that accurate.....

Plus he's a little American!

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One Response to Bieber On The Rampage?

  1. Nicole says:

    O.O …. *favorites video*


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