Up, Up, and Away

I love this kid on the glass. We need to kidnap him to Phx and make him a fan.

So after last night’s freaking penalty-fest that sucked up all our momentum in Nashville, the Coyotes came out of the gates ready for some ultra disciplined, no nonsense hockey.

And spent the first six minutes of the game on PK.  JESUS H CHRIST.  Whitney hooks.  Fiddy high-sticks and gets an unsportsman-like.


Praise Jesus, our PK was able to handle it.  Thank God we were playing MN and not like someone effective on special teams 😛


The first period we had 17 shots on goal, but it looked to be heading into intermission with no scoring until Jovo scored.  BUT WE WERE SO EXCITED CUZ WE THOUGHT IT WAS OAKIE’S FIRST GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!  Damnit Jovo, you stole Oakie’s goal!

How did this even happen?

Oh well, it’s a road game, we’ll take the scoring.

In the second, Uppy was like, Stemps, you haven’t been scoring lately.  I’ll throw the team on my back K?  I be the mule for a while?

Paaaaaaaaaaaaack Mule! You know, cuz we're a Pack.

Then Matt Cullen scores for MN and makes it 2-1.  So Uppy is like, DAMNIT MN I WILL BEAT YOU DOWN FURTHER.  HOW DARE THEE IMPINGE ON MY LEAD?

I love the post-goal hug conferences they have

So it’s 3-1.  And then MN still doesn’t learn it’s lesson and score again.  THE NERVE!

Korps hits the empty net and it’s 4-2 and everyone lives happily ever after.

Team Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinland!

Who did good?  Uppy (2g, 1a)!  Oakie (2 assists), penalty kill unit!!!!

I miss you Sami!  I don’t want you gathering dust in the pressbox 🙂

Schlem has put Sami on the shelf for a while.

This makes me think Yonkman's jersey is made of rubber and is just going to fly back into place.

Stempniak is trying to get a job with the TSA


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2 Responses to Up, Up, and Away

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  2. Carol says:

    Ahah, is that Havlat trying to punch Yonkman? You better hide lil Czech!
    Oh I miss Matt Cullen… Ang great post as always! 🙂

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