Ready. Set. Rampage Against Cancer!

Jed Ortmeyer and his "buddy"

The Rampage players had a pizza and games party at the Christus Santa Rosa Hospital with the pediatric cancer patients.  Each player is paired up with a “buddy” and that player & child will hang out at the series of events that the team has there over the course of the season.  They did the same thing last year.

Check out the heart fuzzy goodness.

For all the pictures and a short video go to  They also have info on how to donate to the cause.

Baby Dane loves hanging out with other babies.

Mikkel and his buddy. Oooo she has good hair!

Mike Stone playing Apples to Apples with his buddy

Teek and Gonch try to mentally push over the Jenga blocks on Al.

Golf clap

Climie is a popular ass buddy!

Jed seriously loves this kid

Ebbett loves Jed's kid too!

Of course it's creepy mustache Movember when the boys take pics with little kids. GOOD LORD BRETT!

It's ok kid, Bracken is quality people, I promise!

She fears the Summers 'stache! Rightly so.

I have five bucks that says she beat him.


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