Team Canada World Junior Camp … or TCWJC :D


Mini-Keith Yandle, Brandon Gormley, of the Moncton Wildcats, was invited to the Team Canada World Juniors Camp.  Now Gorms was hurt last Friday and may have a busted kneecap (he pissed off a mob boss!), so it’s looking like he won’t be able to go?  We shall see.  But it speaks pretty highly of this kid that he was invited.

Brandon bends it like Beck....Yandle?

Who else got invited?  BB GOAL….. no.  The other one.  Mark Visentin, of the Niagara Ice Dogs, was one of four goalies invited to camp.

Mark in the Baby Rookie Game Shootout!

Mark has a 2.50 GAA and ranks fourth amongst OHL goalies.  Not too shabby. I  mean not too shabby for someone not under the watchful eye of PATRICK ROY BITCHES cough cough *BB Goalie* cough cough.

Sean Burke. Still not Roy.

So let’s talk about World Juniors.  If Oliver is still in San Antonio (and he better not be), he can be loaned from the organization to Team Sweden.  Well hell.  How expensive can last minute plane tickets to NY possibly be in late December?  FML.

Maybe this?

So Nashville is tomorrow.  Too bad Lombardi found out that Nashville is Smashville the hard way…… with his head.  He’s been out for all but two games with a concussion all season.

Shoulda stayed Lombo.  Just ask Stemps.

You could be chillin’ at the top of the Western Conference.  You could be bromancing it up with Scottie.  You’d have @Vernonontheroof singing her, WE LIKE LOMBARDI! WE LIKE, WE LIKE LOMBARDI! chant.

But no.  You had to leave and get your head smashed.  Oh well.  We have Belanger and he’s stud.

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