We Were All Kinds Of Blue

I have no idea why these blue men were at the game, but man, were they ever sad.

So when the Coyotes win 7 in a row and we actually get more fans coming into the building, I thought they’d be ……. not blue?  Whatevs, we’ll take ’em.

If I told you we were playing the Ducks and scored 4 goals, that sounds like a recipe for winning right?  ME TOO!  But, the Ducks have this pesky secret weapon.  He’s a secret cuz Bobby Ryan isn’t his REAL name.  No seriously, Bobby Ryan isn’t his real name:  http://sports.espn.go.com/espnmag/story?id=3782270

This is kind of what he looked like last night, without the umbrella of Team USA safety 😦

Stupid American Hero.  At least it was him and not Getzlaf the giant douchebag.  Little known fact:  Getzlaf kills kittens in order to try to fashion at toupee.  AND he’s mean to American Hero:


Oh Wolski, you're face says how I felt at the end of the night.

Ok enough about that hot mess, let’s look at what we did last nite.  Or didn’t do.  Dmo started us off with a goal to get on the board first.  Dman scoring!  Getting on the board early!  Coyotes hockey!  We’re gonna win, 8 in a row baby! …….. or not.

The Ducks tie.  Crap.

Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal! Soccer style bitches! Korps, you look tired?

In the second, Korps scores for us!  Totally thought it was Uppy.  It was announced as Uppy.  IT WAS KORPS!  Umm, that’s six goals on the year.  Redic!  He needs a post-goal nap for sure.  LaBarbara, take off one of your leg pads and let Korpi use it as a pillow.

We need another goal!  These Ducks haven’t won in like 6 games!  THEY ARE HUNGRY!

This is a picture of Lee with a broken neck, but YANDLE SCORED!

Yandle looked too scary with his 12 face stitches above his eye, so HI LEE!  Yaaaaaaaaaaaandle!  Power play goal.  Man, that’s the only one of those we’d have all night, despite getting 9000 attempts cuz the Ducks are so damn dirty.

I must say, other than that goal, Yandle had a tough night defensively.  He just seemed off.  Missed passes, bad passes, and general out of place-ness.  Wouldn’t have been so noticeably if Yandle wasn’t consistently badass.

So we’re up 3-1!  GAH!  The notorious 2 goal lead!  We better be careful….

…..Bobby Ryan scores twice.

McMillian scores.

Perry scores. (GAH!  ANYONE BUT THIS DUDE)

Bobby Ryan scores.

Getzlaf doesn’t score but he has 4 assists.  Fuck.


Uppy makes the blue men happy.

Uppy scores, but it wasn’t a magical three goal goal that would have…….. nope, even that wouldn’t have evened up the score.

DAMN YOU BOBBY RYAN!  Until you gave your stick to that kid in the stands.  Awwwwwwwwwwww.  Classy stuff Sir.

Awww we shoulda had the gold. And they knew it.


Who was good for us:  Shane Doan (3 assists), Radim Vrbata (2 assists), and our goal scorers.

Getzlaf, you may have had 4 assists to my 3, but I have flowing locks of Jesus-like hair. Winner is me.

Tonight, we just didn’t have it.  And by it, I mean defense.  Two of those Bobby Ryan goals were pretty much breakaways.   Jovo was -3 on the night, and looked it.

Oh well.  All streaks must come to an end.  Our winning streak, the losing streak of the Ducks.

I was feeling pretty spiteful: Record Post-Prucha:  0-1.  Just sayin’ 😉

Picture time!

See? Turris is alive, just with a battle scar now! It kinda just looks like a zit of epic proportions.

Yonkman and Schlem over Sami? These guys have gotta be on meth.

Some people have tricks up their sleeves. Vrby? He keeps them up his pants.

Yeah, this happened. Welcome to the circus that is Phx hockey sometimes

Large, medium, and small. How would you like your scoring?

Stempy! He is our American answer to Bobby Ryan, but alas, he did not hear the call.


Dreamy blue eyes or psychotic serial killer..... you be the judge.


Kurt Sauer was in the house filming this......

All together now...... awwwwwww

Girl down! Awwwwwwwwwwww

OMG it's contagious, they're ALL falling! Awwwwww

Awwwwwwww... wait. Sorry I was on a roll. This is just a bromance!


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3 Responses to We Were All Kinds Of Blue

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  2. Nicole says:

    I don’t know what I’m gonna say to them today! But I do know that I am taking a picture of Bryz’s SWEET car! 😀 Lol

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