A Heart Full Of Thanks……And Is Leaking

There is a reason for everything and there is a bigger plan in place.  This is the mantra of the last 24 hours.

It’s hard to feel thankful when you’re pretty much royally pissed off.  I don’t even blame GMDM, Prucha deserves to play, not sit in a suit somewhere looking all GQ and shit.

O hai there........ wait, suit is bad!

Who do I blame?  well There Isn’t Probably too much Point In naming ToTally everyone who i blame.  Get it?  Good.

I guess I’m at the point where I accept that the Pru is going to San Antonio.

Of course he is.  That is where all my players go because the hockey gods are punishing me.

Dear Coyotes, I also own Vrbata and Hanzal jerseys. I fucking dare you to send them down.

GAH!  Ok.  Focusing on thankfulness.

Reason 1 “he” hasn’t woken up with a horse head in his bed:  We still have a team.  That’s amazing!  Maybe someone should tell all the casual fans this so they actually show up and we can CONTINUE to still have a team.

Reason 2 “he” still has all 10 fingers:  Martin Hanzal.  This kid signed his contract ….. albeit on the hood on his car on his way to Vegas, but he signed his contract.  Can someone tell this kid that he isn’t a rock star.  Oh wait, don’t.  He IS a rock star.  6 goals in just 15 games?

This kid is all that and a bag of chips. King sized chips bitches!

Reason 3 that “he” hasn’t been head-butted by my impressively thick skull:  Prague!  OMG PRAGUE!  It was so completely amazing.  The city is so beautiful.  The people were amazing.  Vrby had two goals!  We saw the Czechs play street hockey!  I got to talk to Korps in the street!  Ded.  Best experience ever.

The Motherland!

Reason 4 that “he” hasn’t had his toes run over by my car on accident:  The WhiteOut.  Holy crap.  The playoffs were amazing.  Thank God we lost in the first round or I would have for sure lost my job.  I couldn’t function.  I read hockey news all day.  On game days I felt like I was going to puke all day.  IT WAS AWESOME.  At the end of Game 7, when the players saluted the crowd and we chanted to them,  M.A.G.I.C

GAH! There were tears alright.

Other things I am randomly thankful for:

Korps having an amazing year so far.  5 goals?  Pretty nice reward for busting his ass on the PK and enduring the crazy stress of being a shootout assassin.

I love love love this pic of smiley Korps and will use any excuse to use it!

Although his stay was brief, I’m thankful that we had Peterri Nokelainen.  ❤ Nokie.  He was good people.  He’s my big, dumb Finn.

Speaking of epically good people:  Zbynek Michalek.  AJ, what can you be thankful about him?  You haz broken heart to this day!

Well, I am thankful that we got to watch Z for the seasons that he was here.  He set the bar of how hard a defensemen should work and Z, honey, no one is ever gonna reach your bar.  Go win a Cup hun.

You can always come home. I'll slay the haters who boo'd.

I’m thankful for Team USA kicking ass at the Olympics.  No one gave them a shot and they Rocky Balboa’d the shit outta those Games! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO boys!  USA! USA! USA! USA!  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Crosby. 😐

Makes my heart burst. The best part is douchebag Perry in the back. Bahahahahaa USA! USA!

OEL!  Alright, so OEL is temporarily down in San Antonio.  He’ll be back.  If I have to Tonya Harding the big one, he’ll be back.  Seriously,  I would pay the ticket price just to watch him skate.  So sick!  People say he could be the next Nick Lindstrom.  Nah.  Why would he want to do that, when he gets to be the first Oliver Ekman-Larsson?

OEL > Eberle. See?

Finally,  I’m thankful that Petr Prucha is a stubborn little mule and isn’t going to let some idiot keep him down.  You can’t keep a good man down.  And Prucha is Grade A Certified rubber…. he bounces back.  Really, it’s like trying to hold down Tigger.

Petr Prucha, defying the odds since 1982. I ❤ this guy.

Pru.  Whether it’s you coming back to Phx or me coming to San Antonio, I’ll see you soon.

It's like Z all over again. Just less expected.

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6 Responses to A Heart Full Of Thanks……And Is Leaking

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  2. Bri says:

    I better see a “Free OEL and Prucha” sign. People did it for Biz and he sucks. Just sayin’

  3. Carol says:

    Ach Pru. Come back home, honey. You can live with me, my cat, my dog and… my parents. 😀 No srsly, we’d run away in your fancy car, I bet you have one. Or Marty will lend us his corvette.
    Btw, that photo from Olympics is epic. Pretty much the best one.
    And I’m glad you liked it in Prague. But… where are all those Czechs that like to play street hockey? Definitelly not in my city 😦

  4. D. O'Connor says:

    OMG!!! This is the second only to losing him from the Rangers.
    My gosh when does he get a break???
    First as all the newspapers and fans reported he was so badly treated by Renney and then Torts comes in with Petr’s type of game and he does not get the chance to enjoy he goes to PHX. So he has a great time on your Czech last year but this year he was bounced all over the place and was given NO playing time for what reason I will never know, and now this.
    Well I will be saving a lot of money from Center Ice now. I will remember fondly my almost 2 years w Phoenix the Cinderella year and will still root for Doan, Bryz, Jovo, and will always want the best for Hanzal as he was Petr’s Protector.
    But Prucha deserved much better.

  5. Kerri says:

    Way to reduce me to tears for the millionth time this weekend. Prucha IS made out of rubber… but I’m not.

    I still love the Yotes- but forgive me if I secretly root for some winger injuries.

  6. Kerry says:

    Even the Rangers never put Prucha on waivers. Guess I won’t be seeing him in the NY area come mid December. I guess if he stays with the Rampage I’ll be making a trip to Syracuse come February.

    I can’t believe it has come to me watching AHL games online. Wonder if I can get a refund on my NHL Center Ice since I no longer need it? Probably not 😦

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