Everybody’s a Comedian…..

OEL: Hey AJ, guess who's back! Oli's back! It's funny cuz I'm back.....and...... it's a picture of my back. Haha. Iz funny joke. No? Umm, I'm foreign 😀

Oh OEL, you and your foreign humor.  OMG YOU’RE BACK!  Wooooooooooooooooo!  It’s a Thanksgiving Miracle!!!!!  Or GMDM read that I gave him a deadline of Thanksgiving or I would drive down there and bring you back myself.  Yay you got to fly instead of super awkward car ride with me!  We both win!

Sami: Hahahahahaha it's funny cuz it was your back AND you're back! OEL: I know, right? Silly American girl.

So the Oilers game.  Best Mother-fing Game Eva!

Martin Hanzal scored.  Haha that’s what she said.  No, seriously Martin Hanzal scored just 48 seconds into the game.  Haha that’s also what she said.  Awwwwww. YAY MARTY!!!!!!

Awww look at Marty hug that little kid that rushed the ice! It's Whitney? The hell you say.....

This gives Marty five goals.  THIS IS A BIG FREAKING DEAL PEOPLE.

OEL’s “back” and Marty scores, how could this game possibly get better?

Wolski makes it 2-0 in the second!  And. OEL. Gets. An. Assist.  WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Bring the kid up, he gets a point.  BAM!

Wait, who are you guys waiting for?

OMG no one loves hugs more than Sami.


This scoring is kinda fun.  Who should we pick next?  Ummmmmmm………… Stempniak.  GO!

Holy crap Stempy you did it!

O Hai Lee! You haz button nose!

This gives Lee six goals.  And Marty has five.  THAT SUCKS.  MARTY!  NEED MOAR SCORE……

So he did.  Hanzal has six goals.  Tied for the scoring lead on the team with Vrbata and Stempniak.  Holy mother freaking hell balls.

Scoring:  Czechs do it better y’all.

Stempniak realized my overwhelming joy and became jealous and scored again to steal back the scoring lead on the team with 7 goals.

Really Stempniak?  Shouldn’t you be more focused on the hockey game other than winning my approval?  Plus you made Marty not have the lead, how does that win you favor?  Honestly Lee, it’s like you don’t even know me.

:O Don't turn your back to me when I'm talking to you!

So we CRUSHED the Oilers 5-0.  Awesome win!  Great shut out for Bryz.  OEL got a point.  Marty got two goals.  Lee got two goals.  Complete game effort!

OEL gets Goalie love

Korps/Vrby get Goalie love

Aww big giant Czech gets Goalie love

So let’s talk about the D corps a bit.  Jovo and Aucoin were out so we ran with Yandle-Morris, OEL-Lepisto, and Schlemko-Yonkman.  Holy hell, it’s a good thing we were playing the Oilers and they suck.

Yandle is a freaking superstar.  Morris is …. Morris.  OEL & Sami being paired together makes me nervous because neither is a real stay at home Dman, they both jump in the play…… potential for disaster, but they played great.  Yonkman-Schlem.  Well.  Schlem had two assists, which was great. But, UGH.

I never thought I’d say this but………… we need Jovo back.  And Oakie!  And send Yonkman away!  I can write that down for you GMDM if you need me to.

Who was good tonight:  MARTY!  BRYZ!  STEMP!  OEL (no penalties, no blown coverage, +1)!

Who is in the doghouse:  Tippett.  You fucking scratched Prucha again.  For Bizz.  Against the Oilers.  Whatever.  And by the way, if you send OEL back to San Antonio in the morning, Imma shove your Thanksgiving turkey on your head.

Try coaching like this Bucko

Ok picture time! As always, you can click to make them bigger!

Shane Doan: He makes out with ghosts. Fact.

Awwww Pru!

Sami, you turned!

😦 Iz Pru

Korps, YOU HAVE SUCH GOOD HAIR! I swear it makes you score goals.



Ulf gives his hair a high five after goals. Fact.

OEL: I feel like we are supposed to be somewhere. Sami: I know, but where????

Does he ever accidentally yell in Swedish?

Barbs your lid is ridiculous!




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5 Responses to Everybody’s a Comedian…..

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  2. D. O'Connor says:

    Soooooo frustrating scratch Prucha AND against Renney
    THANKS so much Tippett! Again doing so much for the boy’s confidence — just finishing off what Renney started

  3. Jack Briggs says:

    It has taken almost 20 games to see why we spent $3 million on Whitney. He has the hand speed and agility that most players dream of, and he is at the tail of his career.
    It was great to see the D button down in the last 5 minutes to give Bryz the shutout. He needs a few of these to keep his head in there and stay in the elite category.

    When did Vandemeer decide to become a Sean Avery player? We watched his antics all game and he was more concerned about hitting Scotty vs. making plays for the puck. Has he decided this is what his role is or is he upset about being bought out last year?
    Great photos as usual AJ, love Jason’s helmet. Anytime you can get The Hitman on your lid, it is a good thing.

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  5. Nicole says:

    Haha, I saw Doan sticking his tongue out too! Lol what was up with that??? Hahahaha 😉

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