Coyote Christmas Card Chaos

The Coyote players draw Christmas cards for charity and they are pretty epic.  We have our good artists (Aucoin, Prucha) and our…. well…. Bryz and Whitney.  But they are all amazing so here you go:

(There is one set of 5 still being printed)…..

Jason Labarbara --- a self portrait?

Adrian Aucoin -- Shootouts and drawing, a man of hidden talents

Ilya Bryzgalov -- and then we have Bryz, where the man is giving a blood offering to the attacking snowman?

Lauri Korpikoski -- I'm biased cuz I love that he gave the little dude hair like Korps'!

Petr Prucha -- Awwwww the Pru.

Vern Fiddler -- Cute! Why you scribble out Merry?

Scottie Upshall -- Uppy is ALL about the accessories yo

Radim Vrbata -- All the Czechs incorporated snow... miss it? Crazy!

Sami Lepisto -- My what a big nose Rudolph has, he's front-heavy!

Derek Morris -- Dmo has a lot going on.... like a yellow tree!

Eric Belanger -- Classy dude, classy card

Kyle Turris -- Awwww his mom is totally putting this on the fridge

Shane Doan -- If Jesus made himself a Birthday card, it would look like this!

David Schlemko -- Schlem decorates trees in the woods

Lee Stempniak -- LEEEEEEEEEE! Big fan of the Xmas lights

Ray Whitney -- Whitney went to the Bryzgalov Art Institute

Paul Bissonnette -- Bizz! Kudos for the hockey stick X!

Keith Yandle-- B is for Boston?

Taylor Pyatt -- Taylor has adopted the AZ culture

Martin Hanzal -- Marty loves him some Frosty

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13 Responses to Coyote Christmas Card Chaos

  1. leslie says:

    Prucha’s is A+<3

  2. leslie says:

    Prucha’s is the best!! We got some artists

  3. Milly says:

    Still amazed with Hanzal’s snowman. Thanks for posting these!

  4. JO says:

    MARTY gets 1st price, I so LOVE,LOVE,LOVE his card

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  6. Jocie says:

    Amused that Bryz’s children have better artwork on his helmet then he produced here. You know he probably spent 2 minutes on that thing, lol. Love them all.

  7. Allyson says:

    It’s so awkward that I literally just laughed out in class at your caption for Bryz’s card. Omg. And some of the boys are legitimately fantastic artists…I honestly don’t think I could draw a snowman as beautiful as Hanzal’s. Ever.

    Okay, why does Prucha ONLY draw snowflakes? It this some kind of complex? Can we psychoanalyze this?

  8. Carol says:

    I’ve been laughing for five minutes right now, time to write some comment. These things are awesome, I want some of them home.

    And I’m sure Czech boys miss the snow, I can’t wait to see some in next few days!
    I’ll tell you the secret behind those precisely drawed snowmen and snowflakes – since the time Czech kid can hold a color pencil he is teached to draw three things: snowman, snowflake (in winter) and sun (in summer). That’s pretty much school routine until age of 12.

    But other than Czech… Bryz has pretty good one. Kinda evil and scary, but I like it. Goes perfectly to my image of him being like five yrs old kid.

  9. Nicole says:

    I think DMo had his wife do his card lol


  10. Kels says:


    I can’t wait to order my set this year. Maybe I’ll be less selfish and won’t keep half this year! 🙂


  11. kerry says:

    Love Prucha’s snowflakes! Too bad he was put on waivers. I guess I can hope a local NY Metro team claims him.

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