That Country Can’t Even Handle Us Right Now

Dear Canada,

You have been invaded by a Pack of wild desert dogs.  Just do what they tell you to and nobody gets hurt.


The Six Game Streakers

Soooooooooooooooooooooo Pyatt woke up.  Damnit.  He was so easy to toss under the bus when he had 1 goal.  So tonight he scored two more.  Fine, as long as Turris is out, Pyatt can get out from under the bus.  But he doesn’t get to slack off.

And Yonkman.  He got a point off of Uppy’s hard work.  Jesus Christ.  He’s so big and lumbering.  Dude, OEL’s Uncle could skate faster.  Hell, OEL’s little brother may overmatch Yonkman’s skill (woo family of defensemen!).  Yeah he got a point, but he also got burned by Bieksa at an inopportune time.  And Bieksa ain’t the best in the business ladies and gentlemen.

Ok, bitching over!  Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo we won!  Flamers, check!  Oil babies, check!  Canuckleheads, check!  First time we’ve ever swept western Canada since we moved to Phoenix.  O Canada, you can’t even handle us right now!

Uppy scored!  He’s been in a bit of a drought and he worked his ass off for that goal.  Job Up!  He deflected Yonkman’s shot and got his own rebound.  Suck it Luongo!

Then Pyatt cleaned up a garbage rebound.  Thank God, cuz he’s been having a very hard time around the net.  Pyatt also defected another shot that went in so he had a good night with two goals.

Vancouver got two goals and nailed a post.  THANKS POST!  YOU IZ THIRD STAR OK?

Other things of note:

Hanzal had 21:42 in ice time, you freaking monster.  On the first power play, there were two rebounds that Marty NEEDED to put in.

GAH!  Prucha actually played.  Ok, he played 8 minutes.  I hate you Tippett.  I don’t care how many games we play this year, I won’t forgive you for Prucha or OEL.

Sami actually played too.  He looked good!  He had a ton of rubber flying towards the net and he’s like a puck magnet!  He for sure should be playing over Yonkman and prolly Schlem too.

Oakie was out.  His Old Man Syndrome flaired up?

Yandle played 27:00.  Superstar.

Who stood out:  Pyatt, Stempniak, Yandle, Uppy, Post

Who is in the doghouse:  Tippett.  May as well change your mailing address to here Sir.

SEE YOU ON TUESDAY!  We are playing the Oilers and Mr. BigShot Hall.

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4 Responses to That Country Can’t Even Handle Us Right Now

  1. Larry_in_PHX says:

    See ya Tuesday. Let’s make it Seven! 🙂

  2. Carl says:

    In OEL’s last 5 games, Yotes were 2-1-2, in the 5 games since his demotion, 5-0-0. Not blaming the losses on OEL by any means, but Yonkers big presence has certainly steadied the D-corps out and they’re making fewer mistakes. And winning 6 straight puts Tippett in the doghouse? Yikes! Wonder where he goes during a losing streak xD

  3. Nicole says:

    Heehee our boys are so awesome 😀

    YAY PYATT! Lol finally he gets a freaking goal 😮 He gets so many chances but he always skates it into the corner :I

  4. Goran says:

    Dear gurl
    OEL is back on track

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