Such Little Fake Artists

So the Calgary game can be summed up pretty easily…………

Marty is a stud.

Korps is a stud.

Wolski is a stud.

Bryz is a stud.

Yonkman had four minutes of ice time.  Send him down.  Call up OEL.  MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Jokinen is gonna get his ass kicked next time he shows his Skeletor face.



Power play goal for Mr. Hanzal.  Nice!  Marty has four goals in 12 games and is on pace for a 20 goal season, much better than the 11 goals the last two seasons.  Umm Marty, hun, you aren’t supposed to stop the goals when you get to your jersey number.

O Hai

With 4 goals, Hanzal is only one off the goal lead that is shared by Stempniak and Vrbata.  Not too shabby kid!

Know who else has four goals?  Korpikoski.  Wrap your mind around that!  The kid has just 18 shots for the year and has 4 goals.  In fact, Korps is 4-5-9 in 18 games.  Last year, he played 71 games and was 5-6-11.

Korps is on pace for 40 points this season.


I love love love this pic of smiley Korps and will use any excuse to use it!


Dear “Coyote” fans who bought fake jerseys that are in Wings red,

Please just buck up and buy the replica jersey instead of buying a fake jersey.  If you don’t have the money, wear a sweatshirt or a hoodie.  I can’t stand the fakes.  IT IS THE WRONG RED.  AND IT DISGUSTS ME.

I have more respect for my enemies than I do for fake jersey peeps.

Not No Lovingly Yours,

~  AJ



Check out my latest Coyotes update for The Fourth Period:

A Flood Of Hats In The Desert

OEL may not be on the roster, but I still find ways to talk about him.  #TeamOliver

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6 Responses to Such Little Fake Artists

  1. Jocie says:

    Those stupid fake red jerseys make me rage, especially some idiot guy who has a Doan one with an A on it. Disgusting.

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  3. E Runs says:

    Ohmogod, I couldn’t agree more about the fake jerseys. Enough with the fakes!!!

  4. Nicole says:

    Fake jerseys are so stupid :I I saw a Jovo one and it had a C on it. UGH. NO. NEVER.

    Also, DMo rules 😀 I love it when he fights 😀

  5. Steve says:

    You have to be kidding me. You are such a joke to talk shit about jerseys. Who the fuck do you think you are talking shit about what other people wear? I don’t think you know how many people laugh at you Amy for being such a little bitch. You don’t deserve to be a hockey fan let alone a Coyotes fan. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are a punk and a bully and if you NEVER showed up to another game, nobody would care. Just keep living your sad and lonley little dream that you are going to date a hockey player. THEY DON’T NOTICE YOU and your little stupid signs.

    I suspect if you moderate comments, no one will ever see this but you because you are a little fucking coward who deserves to be punched in the fucking face multiple times.

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