Stafford Out, Yonkman In, IKEA Boy Next?

Well revolving door that is our defensive unit got a new addition today.  So we send back down Stafford who was 3-9-12 in 12 games with the Rampage and bring up Nolan Yonkman.  He’s 6’6 and pretty hefty.  He’s the Captain of the Rampage and has been tearing it up down there!

He’s 0-0-0 and 17 penalty minutes in 12 games.  Wooooo!

Exactly what the fuck are we looking for?

No offense to Yonkman, but he’s not the greatest skater and didn’t do much during preseason other than get in two fights and get penalty minutes.  Honestly, that’s what we have Bizz for.  And we need our D to be flight-footed because we’re a speed team.

So I guess we will try Yonkman out for a couple games and then we will call up someone else.

Hey, do you what defenseman is in San Anotonio that doesn’t suck and is quick and is good with the puck?


Ok so in two games with the Rampage, Oliver had a sick goal (that was disallowed because the refs suck) and two assists.  The two assists came in the first period of his second game.

So, in one period, Oliver scored more points with the Rampage than Yonkman did in 12 games.  Not to mention the 3 assists that OEL has in NHL games with the Coyotes this year so far.  Yonkman has 1-7-8 in 50 career NHL games.

So basically, I think this is a temporary thing.

Oliver, kick ass, play your game, and you’ll be back in Phoenix soon.  Or I’ll start beating up defensemen until there is an open spot.

GMDM Talking About OEL Going To San Antonio


Shane Doan is back on the practice ice and is making the road trip with the team.  Contrary to popular belief, he wasn’t injured, he had to make the trip to Nepal to pick up this award:

Damn slow sherpa

I miss you Doaner!  Hurry back!


In addition to OEL kicking butt for the Rampage, Mikkel Boedker had a goal & and assist in the game on Sunday and Tikhonov got a goal.

The Pups are tearing it up in San Antonio and not only do the Rampage lead the Western Conference, they are tied for the lead of the entire AHL.

Ready.  Set.  Rampage!


The Coyotes Charities are once again having the players draw Christmas cards to sell for charity.  They are so great!  Check out the ones from last year!  Prucha has a hidden talent in drawing!

Coyotes Xmas Card Group 1

Coyotes Xmas Card Group 2

Coyotes Xmas Card Group 3

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5 Responses to Stafford Out, Yonkman In, IKEA Boy Next?

  1. E Runs says:

    OEL’s offense was not the problem. As soon as he learns how to actually play in his own zone he’ll be back up.

  2. Yonks just a tough guy says:

    OEL’s problem was not the defense either, this is a coyotes problem. He was smoked by Zetterberg, besides that I’ve only seen direct liabilities from Morris and Yandle giving pucks away. Not all goals were OEL’s fault. Still he did look shaky in two OT’s but they put him there cause they thought he did good so it is hard killing him for that.

    • E Runs says:

      I don’t think anyone’s killing him for his play, he’s a rookie and mistakes are going to happen. NHL D is the hardest position to “jump right in to”.

      In a sense it is a Coyotes problem because there D on the roster who warrant the ice over OEL (Yandle, Morris, Aucoin, & Jovo) and playing 10 minutes a night isn’t going to help him develop. The decision to send him down was the correct one, both short term for the team and long term for the player.

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  4. Nicole says:


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