Czech Line Motherbitches!

CZECH LINE MOTHERBITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So last night everyone cramped into the Delorian time machine and we went back to the year …..2009!  We actually looked like the Coyotes last night!  I was starting to think that we had been invaded by pod people as an evil plan hatched by Balsillie or the Winnipeggers to harpoon our chances of being compeletely badass again this season.  SUCK IT HATERS!

Stempniak HATES goalies. Goalies LOVE Stempniak.

Turco is such a bitch. Look at him diving.

So we were down a goal in the first, and I will admit it…. I rolled my eyes at LaBarbara and said, here we go again.  But, I will admit I was wrong.  LaBarbs had some stellar saves last night and the D looked like a bunch of mother hens protecting the nest.

Last night started so weird.  We kinda sucked, Sami got in a fight, the boys were…….


Fight?  Sami?  Sami Lepisto?  Sami Lepisto #18?  Dark hair?  Slightly spastic?

Sami got in a fight.  And it like snapped us out of our funk. DUDE!  If I knew that was the cure for our ails, I would have talked smack about his Mom long ago!

Second period.

That’s when it happened.  I saw Vrby (vrby!) and Marty (awww!) and……………….. Prucha.  Czech, Czech, and Czech.  The skies opened up!  Angels sang!  The stars aligned!  Rainbows shot out of Prucha’s eyes!  And we got back to playing old school Coyotes hockey.  Game on bitches!  Czech line motherbitches!!!!!!

He's a growing boy, he needs snacks during the game!

Oh Tazer, you're lil buddy is gone forevs

So scoring?  The old Coyotes used to do a bit of that, let’s try it!  Wolski, next shift, I want you to do some sick dingle-dangle in front of the net, go around a defender, trick the goalie, do all the heavy lifting and then give the puck to Turris for a super easy goal.  Ok?  You didn’t want the goal yourself right?  Oh you did?  Too bad, it’s all Turris.

Turris post-goal affection is legendary

Gossip girls up in this hizzle

So it’s a tie game.  That just won’t do.  Ummmmmmm……… Belanger!  I know it’s only been 17 seconds, but go snipe us a goal.  We don’t do well unless we are playing with a lead!

PS ~ On the TV telecast, after Belanger’s goal, they showed Turris on the bench and he went WOO!  Turris is totally a woo girl.  Just for future reference.

Sooooooooooooooo we got the lead.  We got the Czech line.  Sounds like a recipe for a tight, one-goal defensive battle.  Stressful!

Thank God we won, cuz 0-4 in the last four is not a good look on us.  Seriously.

We did end up taking 4 of a possible 6 points from the last three Cup winners, but it feels like we can do better.  We expect more because of our badassness last year.  Two years ago, super excited about this stretch of games!  Now?  Encouraged, but wanting more.

OMG it'd DMo! HIDE! We told him we were going to the OTHER game to ditch him!

Who did good:  LaBarbara, Belanger, Wolski, Czechs

Who is in AJ’s doghouse:  Whitney (no goals), Pyatt ( 1 sog & 1 hit), Tippett (unless you keep the Czechs together)

Who I am worried about:  OEL only had 11 minute on the ice last night and Sami only had 13.  I am totally OK with the veteran defensemen doing the heavy lifting, but I don’t want OEL sitting in the box as a healthy scratch.  Also Sami, I love you for that fight, but I totally thought your next move was to bust out your purse and hit Skille with it!  Have Bizz teach you some fighting!

It's like a Conga line? Dance dance?

Prucha's rear IS somewhat mesmerizing......

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7 Responses to Czech Line Motherbitches!

  1. Kels says:

    that was me quoting all you said

    The skies opened up! Angels sang! The stars aligned! Rainbows shot out of Prucha’s eyes! And we got back to playing old school Coyotes hockey. Game on bitches! Czech line motherbitches!!!!!!

  2. D. O'Connor says:

    Good Game? Yes
    Happy Coyotes Won? Yes
    PLEASE let common sense rule and keep it that way.
    I am sure my boy is happy to be back where he belongs!

  3. Nicole says:

    I just came back from the Coyotes practice. 🙂 Umm… Taylor Pyatt is super nice. 🙂

    I HATE BIZZ SO MUCH lol…. He was flirting with my older friend, they went out, and he gave her so much shit about stuff no one cares about…. Well that’s the short version at least XD

  4. Nicole says:

    OH! And I ate breakfast right next to Bryz and Korpy. 😀

  5. goldenbear64 says:

    aj, somehow i KNEW you were gonna be excited ’cause your boys were back together…..just didn’t expect this much response….IMO they shoulda been together all season…just sayin’….

  6. Bri says:

    this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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