Rampage On A Rampage

Coyotes prospect / current Rampage defenseman / Former Uof Mich Captain Chris Summers shows off his IMPRESSIVE  mustache for “Movember”.  The whole team is growing mustaches to raise money for prostate cancer research funds.

Epic ‘stache son.

If I could pluck any kid out of San Antonio and bring them up, it’d be Teek.  He’s so stellar to me.  And his English is getting so good 😛  Almost as good as his hair!

Baby Dane!  You are so full of win little Dane!


So while the Coyotes are the picture of inconsistency, the San Antonio Rampage are the picture of success.  They are 9-4-1 and leading their division.

Stats update on the leaders:

Matheiu Beadoin ~ 8-7-15 in 14 games

Brett MacLean 7-6-13 in 14 games

Mikkel Boedker 2-11-13 in 14 games

Garrett Stanford 3-9-12 in 12 games

Viktor Tikhonov 2-9-11 in 14 games

Alex Picard 7-4-11 in 12 games

Congrats to Maxim Goncharov who scored his first professional goal in the game against Oklahoma City tonight.  He scored against Jeff Deslauriers, who up until two weeks ago, was the backup goalie for the Edmonton Oilers who gave the Coyotes fits.

Not too shabby Max!




Good job boys!  You beat the division leaders and took their spot!

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