Hockey Heartbreak 101

Welcome back to the Pack Wolski.  You had a good game with Stemp and Belanger.  Maintain!  I’ve been tough on you but you earned back some respect tonight son.

Without Doan or Jovo tonight, we were a makeshift crew.  Against the Penguins.  Oh crap.

Belanger came flying out of the gates and scored two and a half minutes into the game.   Wolski got an assist.  So did some kid named Oliver Ekman-Larsson.  Ever hear of him?

This kid right here!

Then, about five minutes later, Vrby goes flying into the goal!  Like literally.  His whole being.  Luckily, the puck crossed the line first.


Vrby raced the puck and thank god the puck won!

Then some kids named Crosby and Malkin scored.  At least it was their big guns and not some unknown putz?

Wolski decided it was time.  Breakout time.  Great goal Sir.  Belanger and Stempniak got the assists.   God Stempniak is growing on me like freaking moss.

It makes me laugh when Stemp has "surprise face" during like 3/4ths of the game

Then the Pens tie it.  Damnit, why can’t you just die!  Worst part was, it was when Marty was in the box.

GAH! Box is bad!

So in overtime, it’s 4 on 4 hockey.  Except OEL got a bogus ass penalty so we have to kill off 1:20 3 on 4.  Morris, Aucoin, and Marty kicked ass.  Whew!  Super proud.

Shootout!  We’re golden!

Radim:  Missed.  Stupid poke check 😦

Wolski:  Missed (he is not good at these)

Korpikoski:  Missed.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we lost.

Bryz:  Stopped all the big guns and some unknown dude won it.  Freaking eh.

Who did well:  Belanger, Stempniak, Wolski, Korpikoski

Who is in AJ’s doghouse:  Whitney, Pyatt, Tippett

I’m wondering if Fiddler is ok.  He hasn’t been the same ultra passionate, crazily gritty guy lately.


What a tough game.  It was a tough game on the ice.  It was a tough game to watch.

So.  Z was back.  But not in Coyotes red.

love love love

I made him this sign.  It basically says everything.

Z played his heart out for us the whole time he was here.  He didn’t coast through games.  He was 100% committed on some pretty terrible teams.  I’m so glad that he was with us last year and got to experience a WhiteOut while he was in Phoenix.  He’s a warrior and a great person off the ice.  Z’s a really special player and Pittsburgh is so lucky to have him.

With the ownership situation being unsettled and him having a wife & baby to look out for, I blame him 0% for leaving.  If the team leaves, he’d have to uproot his family, his wife is in college and it’d be a mess to move credits over the border, and this is his “big” contract time.  He needs to do what is best for him.  Do I wish he was still here?  Every single day.

I love Z to death.  😦

Now to address the “Phoenix fans” who boo’d Z:

Listen.  He didn’t ask for a trade.  His played his heart out and went to a better situation.  There is no need to boo.  You didn’t boo Derek Morris when he came back with Boston last year.  What about when Radim Vrbata left for the Lightning?  Do you boo Vrby every time he touches the puck?  Did Zbynek Michalek make a personal promise to you that he would stay?  Does he owe you anything?

Thanks “fans” for making him feel so welcome in a building in which he got bruised on a game by game basis for your entertainment for years.  At the end of the day, hockey is a game and Z is a real person when he takes that gear off.  Think about that one.

It is your right to boo.  But it is also my right to tell you that you are going to hell 🙂  Have a nice ride.


Well that was pleasant!

Picture time.


Korps warming up with no helmet = awesome hair

O Hey There



Hai Oliver!

*cries forever*

*cries forever*

This is how you try to hide a smile at work

*still crying*

Oh Z. Come home.


😦 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 😦

I for sure need a break from hockey. So things may be quiet here for a day or two.  Maybe I’ll throw up some pictures on Monday.

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6 Responses to Hockey Heartbreak 101

  1. Nicole says:

    I literally cried when the people in my section started screaming “Michalek sucks!” 😦 I hope they fall on ice so that I can skate over their retarded faces sloooooooowly and painfully!
    (Speaking of which, somebody got their hand skated over at the Ice Den today. O.O The blood on the ice almost made me barf X.x)

    Oh, and I had the pleasure of sitting behind 5 drunk Penguins fans that eventually got thrown out of the game. GOD THEY WERE SO MOTHER-FING ANNOYING I SWEAR TO GOD!!!!!!!!!! Uggghhhhh! *yanks hair out*

    I am a DIE HARD Coyotes fan and I love them all to death, but I also REALLY like the Penguins; so it was a win-win situation for me :I I absolutely LOVE that Malkin is a little cheap-shot (not during this game 😛 he hit soo many of our guys and our retarded refs didn’t do shit about it!)! Lol Idk why, either! I just like him for some reason :I Him, Chris Pronger, and Sean Avery… I just love watching them. AMUSING MUCH!?

    We really gotta get some wins together 😦 We’re pretty much back to the way we were 2 years ago. 😦 *Sadness*

    O.O Long comment is loooooooong. Zomg. I should stop typing. Gosh am I bored :I I haaaate babysitting my brother. *rants on and on*

  2. Bri says:

    I love you lady! seriously!!!!!!!!! I was so happy with there performance tonight!!! I mean its like they woke the hell up!!!

  3. czechtacular says:

    *also cries forever*
    i love your sign and agree with you 100%. i’m just glad…he never played for montreal. LMFAO
    GAH. 😦

  4. Z4dfense says:

    Cried more… seriously… my heart hurt.

    Almost broke out a shiv of my own when I heard people booing my baby boy.

    You needed more Z pics… seriously, you know I haz no camera…

    The boys manage to get up for all the big teams (DET, PIT) we need some consistency STAT!

    Iz marthon, not sprint… iz marathon, not sprint repeat as needed with valium when neccessary

  5. Cass says:

    Amy Jo, your photography amazes me. It’s always been good, in my layperson’s opinion, but some of the action photos you posted of Z are just amazing.

  6. Nicole says:

    I saw Grandpa Czech today! 😀 He was at ice skating at the Ice Den 😀

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