The Finnish Rocky Balboa

Belanger got personal!

So this is the photo story of what happened in the first fight of the night.  It started with Belanger being mouthy.  The the story turns to Korp’s fighting skills.  Or lack there of?  Once again, click to make em big!

Oh poor Stamkos fall down and go boom!

Uh Oh, Korps has an ethical dilemma

Korps, the correct term is "little person"

Little person Korps, sheesh!

Jovo, Lightning..... easy to mix it, it's ok Korps!

Awww it's ok Korps! Easy mistake!

Korps is scared of St. Louis!

Whoa things just got serious up in here!

Oh Christ Jovo

Umm he fights?

He's a safety guy!

Awwwww he was mean to you Korps and you just wanted him to be safe. DOUCHE!

The ref tells his real feelings about Stamkos

The ref tries to give the penalty to Korps for fighting?

The awkward, post-fight clean up

Thanks Jovo!

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One Response to The Finnish Rocky Balboa

  1. Linnea says:

    An article on Oliver, in the swedish news paper “Aftonbladet”. I dont now how it goes to translate it in google translate, but it’s a nice picture on OEL 🙂

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