Coyotes, Please Pick Up The White Courtesy Telephone So I Can Yell At You

Let me start out by saying, I love our team unconditionally and I hate when people get down on them.  Stay positive, but…..

Son of a bitch.  Seriously?  A shutout at home?  Ugh.

I feel like I felt after the Blues game last March.  We just got out asses handed to us.

WE COULDN’T EVEN GAIN THE ZONE.  When we did gain the zone, it was offsides.

Awesome.  Heads better get pulled out of asses soon.  Apparently, cuz it’s very late and I’m very tired, I will just call people out.

Dear Jovo,

We are paying you 6.5 million dollars.  You are our highest paid player.  How about some goals?  Well screw the goals, how about some defense?  It’s your contract year sweetheart.

Dear Wolski,

We are paying you 3.8 million dollars.  You are our fourth highest paid player.  How about some goals?  Well screw the goals, how about some effort every shift?  Pretty sure Boedker and Tikhonov would kill to play up here.

Dear Whitney,

I was so excited when we signed you.  You’re a funny, likeable dude.  But I haven’t grown attached to you cuz you’ve shown us nothing.   How about some goals?  Power play still sucks.  It still majorly sucks.  If Prucha gets scratched and you continue to do nothing, this could get ugly.

Dear Doan,

I love you.  You are taking too much on yourself and putting too much pressure on yourself.  Just be aggressive and do the little things and you’ll be fine.  Oh, and score.  Hugs n kisses forevs!

Sooooooooooooooooooooo what happened tonight?  Not a hell of a lot.  We didn’t even have that many quality scoring chances.

Doan got in a fight defending Yandle’s honor.  That was pretty epic.

Half the team was involved in the battle after Stamkos fell on his ass and everyone got butthurt about it.

Yandle got in a scrum and who was the first man in to protect him?  Prucha.  Oh little man, you are a tiny ball of fury when you are an enforcer.

Seriously, other than that, there isn’t anything to say.

Sooooooooooooo I took like 9000 pictures since there wasn’t much going on in the game.  I’m gonna do something with all the fight pics tomorrow.

Umm Prucha, it's a mouth piece, not a face piece.


O Hai Sami!

Oliver caught me

Korps about to break the sound barrier. Ok not quite

I love these bench shots

Prucha........ flying in the air.......... as usual.

Hop on boys


Prucha, still with the faceguard

Go get it Pru!

Oliver laughs at his dude

Sami, she's taking our picture. Yes, right now.

Why so sad Oli?



The most Caucasian man ever has a black eye!

Oh I don't think I've taken a pic of Pru yet. O I have?

All up in Uppy's business. Hi Uppys Hair!


Hey Taylor. You were extra quiet tonight. WTF?

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4 Responses to Coyotes, Please Pick Up The White Courtesy Telephone So I Can Yell At You

  1. Breezy says:

    Why is it that everytime I can’t watch he gets to play???? Starting the playoff beard a little early, I like it. I’m hoping whatever you’re doing with fight pictures will involve your mad mspaint skillz.

  2. Michael says:

    How did my beloved Stemps get a black eye?
    Don’t worry Stempy I will get who ever did this to you!!

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  4. Gretzky stink says:

    Wow they were terrible last night. No energy, no hustle. All the dump and chase, was gretzky guest coach last night? Come on Yotes, need to get outta this slump!

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