Ded. OD’d On The CzechFinnistan Blitz

He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

So.  Tippet, have you been reading my blog?  Bitching about the Czech line made it actually happen (minus Hanzal, who is still out hurt).  Pruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!  Prucha had a hell of a game.  He was everywhere!

Power play?  Prucha sighting!

Penalty kill?  Prucha sighting!

5 on 5?  Prucha sighting!

Score sheet?  Prucha sighting!

He had the kind of game that makes it hard for him to be put back in the press box.  Also, the Czech chemistry resulted in Vrbata scoring for the first time since the first game!  Vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrby!

Awww he missed you too Prucha!

Pruuuuuuuuuuuu power!

So what actually happened in the game?  The Coyotes came out flying after an epic ass chewing from Tippett yesterday.   The flapping jaws paid off.  Vrby got a break away after a pass from Prucha.  Vrby turned his jets on and broke away from the defenders and went backhand top shelf on Osgood.  Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!

Then who scores?

Mother-freaking -Yandle.  Bam.  He’s ridiculous!

The third goal of the first period?  Who the hell else could score.


You’ll never guess.

Ok I’m gonna go on a slight rant here.  TALK ABOUT A GUY THAT GETS NO RESPECT.  He has TWO FREAKING GOALS in the game and works his ass off and doesn’t even get in the three stars of the game.


So, F them Korps, Imma show you the love riiiiiiiiiiiiight here.


If I adore you, look up. Everyone else to the left.

He can leap tall buildings........... ok just flying pucks, but still!


He got an unassisted, SHORTHANDED goal.  Like a freaking boss people!

Oh and he got an empty net insurance goal at the end.

I’ve got your back son!  And your name on my back.

Who was kicking it this game:

Korps ~ Duh.

Prucha/Vrby ~ Czech line forevs!

Doan ~ Physical!

Bryz ~ siiiiiiiick saves with Holmstom’s giant ass in his face!

That is freaking disgusting

He should be put down for the sake of humanity

Who kinda disappeared?

Turris/Uppy ~ they played so little time cuz we had so many penalties!

Fiddy/Pyatt/Stemps ~ the line was quiet

Wolski ~ his ass was healthy scratched in the pressbox ~ good, we did pretty well without him, maybe he’s not done learning his lesson yet.  We can’t take Pru out!


Before I end this, let’s freak out a bit about Hanzal not being back.  OMG WHAT IF HE IS DEAD!?!?!?!  HAS ANYONE SEEN HIM?  Ok a twitter friend sent me a pic that proved he was alive at the Montreal game.  BUT UGH WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM?!?!?!?! IS HE OK?!!?!?!

If he doesn’t play Saturday, I’m not watching the game and spending the entire time searching out for the injured boy in order to assess the severity myself.  Don’t think I won’t.

I will bust out the crazy.  You have been warned.

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3 Responses to Ded. OD’d On The CzechFinnistan Blitz

  1. czechtacular says:

    still laughing re: holmstrom pics.

    “If I adore you, look up. Everyone else to the left.”
    WE’LL NEVER KNOW WHERE PENNY STANDS! decapitation woes

    can’t wait for the czech line to come back in full force. can’t. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaait.

    WE LOVE YOU KORPEDO! keep being a boss~

  2. Kels says:

    =) Made my night!!

  3. Breezy says:

    Yandle. Yandle. Yandle Yandle Yandle…..I just like saying his name. I will join in the Korpi love, since the other Finn wasn’t dressed. I mean wasn’t playing. He he he he 😉

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