The Boys Can’t Get Home Fast Enough

Well freaking eh, this season isn’t going the way we want.  No panic yet.

All I can say is, we can’t get Martin Hanzal back fast enough.  Will it fix everything?  No.  Will it make me happy and therefore less bummed about our record?  Yes.

And really, isn’t that what we all need?  For me to be happy? 😀

In all these games, we have flashes of last year’s class of play and we have flashes of playing like ass.  More ass than class lately.

Anyways, here are my five points for today:

1) Ebbett played well, but Kyle Turris sure caught fire at the right time.  Instead of wondering if Turris will get sent down, we are just waiting for Ebbett to go back.

2) Trade rumors are stupid (even though I totally started Lepisto to Boston!).  We are not trading Yandle.  If we do, GMDM is temporarily insane.  Who the hell would we trade Yandle for?  Doughty, Keith, and Green weren’t on the trading block last time I looked.  Yandle isn’t to that level yet, but in 2-3 years, he sure the hell will be.  PS ~ It’d be dumb to trade an RFA that we love.  PPS ~ Anyone that bags on Yandle, calm down sheep.  He’s going through a growth spurt.

3)  Lepisto is a bit above Schlem in my mind now.  It’d been so long since I’d seen Sami play in a game that mattered.  He’s pretty sound defensively.  Plus he gets all pissy at Jaime Benn and spears him.  It makes me giggle.

4)  Shane Doan was back last night!  I think……. didn’t hear much from him and he wasn’t his brutal self.  I love Doan.  I love Angry Doan. I love, love Angry Playoff Doan.  Invisible Doan?  Not so much.

5)  As much as I miss Zbynek Michalek (multiple times every day), I think Bryz misses him even more than me.  When Ekman-Larsson’s skinny butt leads our team in blocked shots, we are in trouble.  Z!

Tomorrow night is the Red Wings.  GODDAMNIT DIDN’T WE JUST FREAKING PLAY THEM  I am so sick of the Wings that I may puke…. again.  Maybe Holmstrom be arrested for domestic violence against his boyfriend Bertuzzi and we will have a good game!

I’ll leave you with an interview with Mikkel Boedker.  Click here for Baby Dane!

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2 Responses to The Boys Can’t Get Home Fast Enough

  1. Co-host says:

    I called Savard to PHX for MacLean and a 2nd rounder during the offseason. Yandle?? BAHAHAHA. um. no.

  2. sarah says:

    as much as i enjoy yandleface, i would rather he stay with you. 😀 our cap woes are bad enough!

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