I Need A Hunting License For Boo Birds

This makes me feel a bit better.....

So last night, there was this dude who was booing us.  Ok numerous people booed the power play and while I do not agree with booing your own team EVER, whatever, I let it go because our power play WAS terrible.

But this dude, at the end of the period, was booing our team as they left the ice and yelled “Coyotes suck”.


So, without really thinking, I stood up and turned around and yelled at him.  “IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, GO HOME.  SHUT UP AND GO HOME.”

The worst part?  He’s this middle aged idiot, there with his wife and two kids.  “THE COYOTES SUCK, THEY CAN’T EVEN SKATE,” he replies.

“SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN OR GO HOME”, I yell back at him and sit down.

He didn’t boo or yell any more after that.  Way to set a nice example for your kids on how to be a crappy visiting fan.  I bet his favorite team is the Red Wings.  UGH!  At least I feel pretty good about standing up for the boys.

After the game, this lady came up to me and said that she had money on me if we fought.  I said, I WOULD HAVE KICKED HIS ASS!  Winner is me?


Hey OEL! I see you got your own gloves. No more hand-me-downs from Lang anymore!

Still bummed about how we played most of last night’s game.  It’s great that we are still the Comeback Kids, but can we be a lil less dramatic and just beat people? Like blow them out.  Maybe?  Please?   Just once? Gah!

I am also bummed at Martyless hockey.  Don’t get me wrong, I love our whole team, but with no Z, Pru not playing, and no Marty….. there is not enough Czech hockey.  And Vrby?  He misses Marty too!  Radim Vrbata, the kid who has like 6 to 9 shots every game, how many did he have last night?  One shot.  ONE!  ONE  SHOT!  He needs Marty back.  And Pru.


Recapture the Czech magic

We are searching for chemisty…… Fiddy/Pyatt/Stemps have it.  Last night, Uppy/Turris/Wolski had it.  Put Pru/Marty/Vrby together.  Then let Doan/Belanger/Korps be a hardscore gritty line.

THIS IS BRILLIANT!  SOMEONE GET ME TIPPETT’S PHONE NUMBER!  Forget Tippett, I’m going over his head.



So what’s the value of Korps?  Let me show you……

Korps you're so far behind, you'll never catch that guy with the puck....

Holy crap Korps, you're so fast!

And the dude gets rid of the puck under pressure.

So Korps is super speedy, awesome on the kill, and defensively sound.  Plus he steals pucks like nobody’s business.

Ugh Fiddy, whatcha doin'?

Pru: All dressed up and no place to go 😦

Vrby, Marty will be back soon! Hold tight Sir!

With Z, we had two goalies. Without Z, we need four.

Uppy distracts Cam Ward.... by dancing with him? Nice carriage Up!

This pic represents our D all night.

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