Forget Dragons, Turris Slays Conn Smythe Winners

I don’t even know what to write about this game. Two and a half periods of it freaking sucked.  Our passes were off.  Our D was on vacation.  Pyatt kept having chances to score close to the net and didn’t.  We were down three to nothing.  People were leaving early.  Fans were booing (more on that tomorrow).  It looked bleak.


Hop on my back! I carry you!

Oh little Turris.  Pots us a goal.  But it’s still 3-1 and we were sucking it up.  There wasn’t enough time to make one of our grand comebacks from last year.  Throw this one in the books people.

Why are you giving up AJ? I have more magic.......

Holy crap son.  Cam Ward was sick tonight.  He made so many good saves.  He’s a Cup winning goalie.  A Conn Smythe winner.

Was Turris daunted?  Oh hell no.  Dear Mr. Smythe Winner, I’ll take 2 goals, please and thanks.  Sincerely, Kyle Turris.  PS ~ Gee whiz you’re a nice man!

Ok but we were still down a goal and we had less than three minutes left.

Then it happened.  All hell broke loose……

Happy Turris......

Is Turris gnawing on Uppy's face?

Uppy scores.  He’s had a rough couple games.  But he tied that game up and flipped the hell out!

Uppy's pose makes me LOL forevs. OEL is excited!

Despite some rookie mistakes, OEL played 20:02 (0:47PP and 2:02PK) and was a +3 for the night.

Oh and did I mention…..

He got his first NHL point?

And they actually didn’t take it away from him.

*Freakout starting*


Awwww happy OEL!

Congrats Oliver!  Super proud.

Who else was good?

Wolski had two assists.

Oakie had an assist.

Uppy had a goal and an assist.

OEL (!!!)  had his assist.

And of course, in addition to his TWO goals, Turris had an assist.  You lil studmuffin.

Of course, we lost in OT.  But we stole a point that we had no business getting.  And Tippett is gonna slay these dudes in practice.  No bueno.

RAY RAY all up in yo' face

So Doan comes back after the next game, which is in Montreal.

So close. Alas, can't score!

O hey Korps!

The kiddos

The only Czech playing. GAH! Vrby don't leave me! ❤

Hmm what did Whitney say?

He STILL thinks it's funny.....

La la la

Celebration for Kyle's first goal!

Celebration for Kyle's second goal.....

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