Forget Stamps, Stempniak Is Gonna Collect Hats


Stempniak was on a line with Pyatt and Fiddy all season and they’ve had great chances, with no real outcomes.




Stemps gave me my second witnessed hat trick (Uppy’s thriller last year was my first).  The only way it could have been better is if it was against Toronto.  But then they would have gutted him like a pig, so, in retrospect, this prolly was for the best.


OEL! Lee scored, not Taylor!

So I’m about to maim someone up in here.  For the SECOND TIME, OEL was announced to have gotten his first NHL point, only to have it taken away.  AGAIN.  DAMNIT you can not let me get all excited and then take it again.

OEL, you just need to score on a slapshot so they can’t take it away from you and I won’t have to kill anyone.  K?


Soooooooooo what else happened?

Prucha didn't play. Healthy scratch

So Prucha was healthy scratched so Bissonnette played.  And I am one pissed girl.  Bizz played 6:23 of total time.  I understand his role, but with two of our top six forwards not playing already, did we really think we could sacrifice another skill player?

I’m torn because last year during this part of the season, it was Korpikoski who was scratched left and right.  While I don’t want Korp’s to be scratched, hasn’t Prucha had enough psychological abuse at the hands of the Rangers to last him a lifetime.

Tippett, play the Prucha.  If you don’t do so willingly, I will Tonya Harding enough of your forwards to force your hand.

Sami didn't play either.....

Sami looks sad 😦  Is he ever gonna play again?  With OEL logging another night with 23:32 (18:19 even, 3:25PP, 1:48PK), it doesn’t look like Ekman-Larsson is going to have to worry about playing time any time soon.  That leaves Schlem.  Schlemko had 16:47 total time and had 2:56 on PP (way to go Schlem!).

Sami had a bumpy start to last season, but was playing very smoothly by the end.  When will we see him again?


Ray Whitney was back for the first time since he was injured in Prague.  While he didn’t crack the scoreboard, either did anyone not named Lee Stempniak or Andrew Ebbett, so it shouldn’t keep him up at night.

Jovo, what does that C stand for? Cookie? Custard? Cake?

Captain Jovo.  JESUS WHO THOUGHT THEY WOULD EVER SEE THE DAY?  They showed a commercial for Hockey Fights Cancer and it had Doan in it.


Anyways, we are 1-o under the rule of Evil King Zarkon….aka Captain Jovo.

Breaking News: Taylor Pyatt has REALLY intense eyes. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog....

O hai Yandle! With Jovo being Captain Cake, Fiddy and Yandle both wore A's

I’m too tired to give you a blow by blow of the game so here are a few things that stuck in my mind:

Dustin Brown put a huge hit on Korps.  Korps then proceeded to seemingly nearly break Brown’s wrist.  Don’t mess with mah Finn peeps!

This dude tried to fight Bizz and Bizz ignored him.

Uppy had a rough night and ended up -2, as did Wolski.

Ebbett had 6 more shifts than Turris and Ebbett’s short handed goal makes me nervous that he could stay up when Marty comes back and Turris may go back down.  I AM PARANOID, GET OFF MY BACK!

I greatly missed Shane Doan.  I insanely missed Martin Hanzal.  Without those two and Prucha, I just wasn’t ask into the game as I normally am.  Thank God for Korps, Vrby, and OEL.

I will wish you all a good night (and good day to the Swedes) and leave you with a couple OEL pics.  I took 178 pics at the game (and a ton are OEL) (and some Sami for my girl Breezy) so you can see the rest at The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes Facebook Page.  Don’t forget to “like” my page while you are there!

O Hai Oliver!

He's a leany skater

Haha it's Vrby!


Oakie and Barbs excited after Lee's hat trick

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6 Responses to Forget Stamps, Stempniak Is Gonna Collect Hats

  1. Breezy says:

    Have I told you lately that I love you? Awesome pics, and yes, Sami looksvery sad 😦 I want him on the ice (wow..that was a loaded statement!) Do you think it’s the “Breezy curse”??? Should I stop loving him?

  2. ck says:

    No pictures of hats?!

  3. Kerry says:

    Rangers Fan / Coyotes Supporter here. I am heading up to Montreal and Ottawa Monday and Tuesday for my PETR PRUCHA ROADTRIP!!! My new PRU 16 Coyotes hoodie from NHL shop and I will be severely disappointed if he doesn’t play. Was Tippett hanging out with Tom Renney over the summer? Poor Petr. I feel like it is 2008 all over again.

    Love your blog!!

    • Kerri says:

      Kerry with a Y,

      Who the hell are you and why are you me?

      Other RangersFan/CoyotesSupporter/BiggestPruchaFanEver Kerri with an I.

      • Kerry says:

        Hello Kerri with an I. I watched the Yotes game on my laptop in Montreal last night via the magic of Slingbox. I basically ended up watching game 6 of the NLCS on the TV once I saw Petr was scratched again. Hopefully he is back on the ice tomorrow. You go to MSG much? I am assuming you are local. If so, we should meet up sometime. Otherwise perhaps you will be going to the games on the 15th, 16th and 18th of December. I am calling “Petr Prucha Week!”

    • Kerri says:

      Have the greatest time in Montreal, Kerry with a Y! I am hoping he actually plays tomorrow although when it comes to Prucha scratchings, I have learned not to get my hopes up too high. I am from Eastern Long Island and don’t get to MSG nearly as often as I would like to thanks to (important?) things like college and lack of funds because of college. In any case, I’m definitely attending those three games in the tri-state area. It has long been decided that death is the only thing that could keep me away =P. Unfortunately for my Prucha-pal Allyson and I, it’s also week of finals but we’re going to manage. We also have several crazy names for the week Prucha returns, but I won’t scare you away with them just yet. 😉 For now, let’s just see him play a game- Tippet, I’ve got my eye on you. 0.x

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