Roster Merry-Go-Round Minus the Merry

So after reviewing my blog viewer stats, 24% of my readers are in Sweden.  Holy crap!

So……. Välkommen!

First off, let’s take care of a bit of roster housekeeping…..

Since Marty is moved onto injured reserve, *sniffle*, the Coyotes called up center Andrew Ebbett from the Rampage.

Last season, Ebbett played 59 games for the Blackhawks and Wild and ended up 9-6-15.  This season, for the Rampage, he currently has 4 assists.

But let’s not kid ourselves, he’s no Hanzal.

Awww I ❤ it when Marty is brutal to Red Wings. GET BETTER SOON!

In quasi-related news, I am slightly concerned as to who is going to protect Prucha while Marty is still requiring BandAids.  I mean, I always have Prucha’s back and I DID threaten to beat James Neal’s ass in the parking lot on numerous occasions but the pansy never showed up….. but….. on the ice….. who can protect him?


Sometimes you forget that Prucha is a ex-Czech streetfighter.  Vanna go?  Pru will be fine while Marty is out.


The Shit List O' Me


So Swedish readers, I am willing to guess you don’t come here for my Czech love so…….

Yahoo Photo Gallery of OEL …. these guys have 62 pics of the lil superstar already.

Which Rookies Will Have The Biggest Impact ….. a Globe & Mail article where one of the writers picks OEL as making a huge splash.  Welcome to the bandwagon dude.

The Dodgers? Really OEL?


With Ebbett coming up to the Coyotes, Colin Long got recalled to the Rampage from Las Vegas.

Guess who is going to Las Vegas…..

Matheiu Brodeur.  I am surprised.  He didn’t do badly at camp, other than his conditioning level.  I guess the Rampage D is too stacked to keep him up.  Also, Ned Lukacevic was sent back down.  I can hear the crying from Boston now.

Brodeur will club it up in Vegas!

The Rampage players were introduced at a Spurs game. Pictured is Baby Dane. GAH, YOU DON'T BELONG THERE!

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