Wings Make Me Puke

I am so damn sick of the Red Wings.  And their idiot fans.  I know we need the money from their ticket sales but this is one game I’d be ok having like 5K people at.

So help me God, if I have to see another Wings game any time soon I am going to PUKE.

Sooooooooooooo, what happened in the game?

We were a bunch of killers.  WE HAD EIGHT FREAKING PENALTIES!!!!!!!!!  It got to the point where I was ok with the penalties cuz we were killing them off like mad and most of our offensive chances came shorthanded.  Prucha, Hanzal, and Korps all had breakaways.  Not that they scored, but exciting nonetheless.

Korps and Marty?  Natural born killers.

Speaking of that Marty kid………..

You're such a cheeseball I can't even stand it. Ok, that's a lie.

This dork got his 100th career point on a tic-tac-toe  goal.  He was so excited!!!!!!!!!

No professional picture of his goal? RIDICULOUS. I guess it's just mine. They want Yandle for hugs... stat!

This for sure was the high point of the whole night.  Cuz we sure as hell didn’t score again.  BECAUSE WE WERE ON THE PENALTY KILL THE WHOLE FINAL TWO PERIODS AND ALL OF OVERTIME.

There was this wonderful Blackhawks fan behind us who was super entertaining.  Whenever he would scoot past Wings fans in his row he would be like… sorry, sorry, not sorry to you, not sorry to you, sorry, sorry.  Bahaha.  And he would yell out CHEATERS at the Wings.  He was all kinds of win.

Who stood out:

Hanzal:  He’s so hot right now!  😛  He got a goal, had another breakaway, and kicked ass on penalty kill.  Super proud of the man.

Korpikoski:  KILLER!  KILLER!  KILLER!  Your speed makes my mind go all ded.

Bryzgalov:  You are a sick sick goalie.

Who I need more from:

Wolski:  It’s like you weren’t even out on the ice.  Oh wait, you weren’t, CUZ WE HAD 3000 PENALTIES.


OEL:  He has sick puck handling skills but he played a bit too deep in the offensive zone.  You’re gonna be a superstar kiddo, don’t let the Wings burn you for trying to do too much for the hometown fans.  OEL getting two penalties hurt because he couldn’t help kill them off while he was sitting in the box.

Tomorrow we play the Ducks.  Another team I do not adore.  Pluck the Ducks boys!

A few pics on my way out (as always, click to make them big):

Pru! And the Captain?

Yandle minus the A. How many jerseys does this dude have to have?

Aaaaaaaaaaaand the girls freak out......

Turris got to play!!!! For like 13 minutes because of... all together now..... 3000 penalties!

The kid didn't wear his lid in Czech, but now he still isn't wearing it for warmups? Someone wants his picture taken! DONE!

Pru with the bluest eyes

At least your hairs are growing out a bit!

Pru came to hang out by me..... which is abnormal.

The kid is always excited to play

Oli, it's just a stick, what are you staring at?

Aaaaaaaaand the girls freak out.... again


She's taking my picture.... awkward!

No smile, just game face


Uppy for sure is doing something new with his hairs

Prucha's breakaway

All the kids in red are running their mouthes.... so all of them.

Oakie! What did they do to you?!?!?!

You can check out a ton more pictures on my blog’s facebook from this game…….. aka a ton of Oliver.  : The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes Facebook Page … don’t forget to “Like” it while you are there!

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6 Responses to Wings Make Me Puke

  1. Bridget says:

    Your pics are ridic!!!!!! Awesome job.

  2. Nicole says:

    I agree that the game sucked, but it was pretty entertaining. LOL my dad is from Detroit….. And he was yelling at the RedWings fans: GO BACK TO YOUR SHITTY CITY!!!! *sniff* I’m so proud of him :’)

    I SAW YOUR SIGN FOR MARTY DURING WARMUPS! 😀 I looked at it and I was like, “Now who is the only person I know of that makes signs in Czech? HMMMMMM.” 😀

  3. yotesgurl says:

    It’s me! It’s me!

    • Nicole says:

      Lol no kidding! 😀

      Do all the players know you by name? My friend Piper works at the Ice Den and they know her by name! JEALOUSYYYYYY! Well Doaner and DMo know my name but not Marty! 😦

  4. Chad says:

    For all the penalties, I though our PK’ing made the Detroit PP look even weaker.

    It just takes a couple small tweaks to turn a game like this into 2 points next time. Get a couple of those breakaways in the net & there would be no OT. That seems to be one of our strong points right now with our speed so get it dialed in & make the other teams pay.

    The broadcast didn’t seem to show as much physicality as we did in Game 1 of the Prague series. Was anyone getting hit or was it the few we did try gave us penalties?

  5. Kels says:

    Oh my gosh, I love your camera! Amazing pictures.

    Not so amazing ending to the game. I realized after I logged off twitter and went to bed last night that the NYRs and the Coyotes had the same season so far. Win game one – yay! Look unsteady and lose game two – boo. Lose game 3 in OT.

    Coyotes – NOT the team you want to model yourselves after, trust me!

    Hope they get back to Yotes hockey tonight!

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