Pluck The Ducks

Crap.  We played like……  I don’t even know…….

Fiddy sleep walks...... Yandle sleep plays?

Yes Yands!  We played like we were asleep……. or wore out.  I understand why the penalty killers from last night were tired, but most of our team should be fresh since they played like 20 seconds of the game last night!


So Jovo was a late scratch for the game with an upper body injury.  Lepisto got called in to play at the last minute.  So it seems like OEL and Schlem are current favorites to play?

Whitney was still out with an injury and Bizz played….. so that means……….

wait, who was out?

Prucha?  Petr Prucha?  Petr FREAKING Prucha?  Scratched?  THIS IS NOT FUNNY QUIT LYING.

😐  This better be a one game thing or there is gonna be some serious shanking up in this house.  Oh wait, this won’t be a problem cuz Korps will be moving back to center and open up a winger spot.  Why is Korps moving back?  Cuz Marty’s hurt. So Pru should be able to play.

Wait.  BACK THE TRUCK UP.  Marty’s hurt?  HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN?????!?!!?!?!?!?!  He left in the second period with a lower body injury and didn’t return.  GAH.  I can’t stand the Ducks.  Marty you have to get better….. like now.

Oh God not you too Barbs! GET UP!

We were down two after the first two periods since Cam Fowler got his first ever goal and Bobby Ryan set up some Dman for a sick goal.

Offense?  Are you there?  Hello?  It’s AJ, I need you to wake up!

Marty the enforcer. IS THIS HOW HE GOT HURT?

So Uppy is continuing his good start and got a goal from Doaner and Belanger!  Woooooo Uppy!

Then Belanger tied up the game on a setup from Doan and Oakie….. Doaner was chiding himself for not contributing and BAM!  Two point night!

The kid still has hand-me-down gloves from Grandpa Czech Lang!

So with five minutes left to go in the game…… the Ducks slay us.  Ugh, who?

Who is a giant douche?

So………….. we lost.  And we’re now 1-2-1.

We need to kick it in the ass boys, let’s go.

Aww this makes me feel better. Thanks Korps! ❤

The Belanger/Doan/Uppy line were the stars of the game for sure.

Vrby was a bit off without his giant Czech center.  GAH!  MARTY!  You can’t be hurt!  What….how…..bah…. what am I supposed to do?

At least we have until Thursday to get our crap sorted out.  To make everyone feel better, I’ll leave you with…… Oliver!

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One Response to Pluck The Ducks

  1. D. O'Connor says:

    Why was Prucha scratched in the first place?

    It was bad enough the last game when he gets a penalty that was meant for Ekman-Larson and then
    he disappeared, he had a TOTAL 5:36 playing time – NO ONE on the team had less time.

    So you tell Tippett “what the hell is going on?”

    5 minutes!!!!!!!!

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