Prague ~ Bye Lombo, There Is A New Bromance Up In This Hizzle

That is love right there.  The team salutes the crowd in Prague after their win over the Bruins in the first game.  I like to think it was for the Coyote fans because………….


I love love love you, but YOU SERIOUSLY CHEERED HARDCORE FOR BOSTON?   Boston has one Czech!  We have three amazing Czechs!  W-T-F?????? You are hockey dead to me Czech fans!  Kidding, kind of.  That’s why the Czechs love Phoenix…. they feel the love.

So, I refused to let the Czechs feel unsupported in their own country so…. I yelled.  A lot.  Like they could literally hear me at the opposite end of the arena.  Oy.

I think the Czech fans were a bit afraid, cuz when freaking Chara elbowed Prucha in the head and Pru went flying, before I could even think of what I was doing, I was on my feet SCREAMING at him.  Everyone was like :O    That’s right, you mess with the bull, you get the horns.  Or in this case, you mess with the Czechs and you get the AJ?  I iz horn?


Autographed for the masses


Anyways, the first game was kickass!  Vrby had such a great game.  When he scored his first goal, I must admit, I had tears.  He just had such a rough time with the Lightning and for him to come back to Prague and have such a wonderful game in front of his countrymen….. And Vrby?  He is such a great guy.  When doing promotion events during the week and after the game, he stayed longer than everyone else signing autographs and talking to people.  He is…….. ugh.  VRBATA ❤ !!!!  So yeah, it was really special.


Vrb is love!


This is the point where I would usually talk about Oliver, but I wrote a whole blog about him so……. I’ll just say OEL, He’s gonna be huge!  I’m not the only one that thinks so…. check out Matt’s blog about OEL:  The Silent Defenseman

Who scored?  Vrby….. freaking twice!  Uppy!  Pyatt and Belanger.

PS ~ If anyone calls him Bell-an-ger I will laugh at them.  It’s Bel-awn-jay.

Prucha was playing like a MADMAN and had so many chances.  He was really impressive in front of his home crew.  Marty was good with his line too.

Speaking of Marty…… the boy even looks for signs IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES.  I mean of course I made him signs and he laughed.  Hockey is amazing.


Marty in Czech! Ded.


A few pics from practice at O2:


Pru thinks Bizz smells.



This kid is so happy






Wolski needs a nap! Schlem is taking one!



Oh Schlem's up!



Anyone wanna know what Yandle was yelling at OEL to make him giggle?



Bizz lost his facial hair somewhere between America and Europe. Runaway mustache!



Korp's whistles...... at Bizz. Huh?






Uppy: Oh Pru, you are my new Lombo



I'm Lombo? YES!!!!



Hey Korps, guess what! I iz Lombo!



Korps: What's wrong Marty? Marty: Pru iz new Lombo 😦



Should I dye my hairs dark like the original Lombo? GAH! PRU! NO!



I get to play with the big boys. Wooooo!






Our new A, Yandle. A is for Ashley!



Doan and Turris and Montoya



Why so serious Turris?



See you Saturday kid!


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