A Prague Picture Snippet

Alright epic blog post time.

What a rude surprise to return to work after a week in Prague.   I need some sleeeeeep!  But, let’s look at a snippet of Prague pictures.  I took a ton and won’t bog down the blog with them, but here are a few:


Road to Prague


So…. Prague…. lot of old, old buildings and cobble stone streets.  Everywhere.  Bumpy, bumpy!


And unlike Phoenix, they have trees with leaves that change colors!

And towers!

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

Lots of colored houses/stores

St. George's Basilica built in 920. Ooooooold!

Inside St. George's. The fresco ceiling died!

Inside the old palace on the third floor that they used for horse races in the winter

Inside the cathedral at the castle

The other end of the cathedral

Outside of the cathedral

A building from the 14th century in the castle grounds

The place in the square that Kim and I decided that I lived.

"Kim's House"

Corner of Old Town Square

Drunk Scottish soccer fans trashing the square. Boooooooo

Watch tower

Fence around church

"Vrby's House"


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3 Responses to A Prague Picture Snippet

  1. czechtacular says:

    j to the ealous. except you knew that 😉
    lovely pictures m’dear! they amplify the necessity for my “omg must win lottery” dream to pan out.

  2. Alex says:

    Those are indeed awesome pictures. And since your ability with captions for historical buildings matches that for hockey players (almost), I think you might be ready for archaeology!

  3. Kels says:

    Damn your camera is fantastic! Those should be postcards!! =)

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