Its Game Time!!

Like CK posted earlier this week, less MS Paint since AJTYG is in Czech Republic cheering on the Coyotes. So no photos. I’m sure AJTYG will post some when she gets back. So lets recap what we learned about Game 1:

  • Coyotes brought the A game to the Bruins. Good lines set by the coaching staff. Everyone meshed really well.
  • We saw something that was missing for a good part of the season: a PowerPlay Goal. The Ray “The Wizard” Whitney pass to Eric Belanger was awesome! Very textbook pass and goal. The announcer on Versus said it best: “The Coyotes had a gorgeous power play goal”. Hopefully we see more of these goals this year.
  • Upshall’s knee is good. Breakaway goal = the one legged field goal celebration
  • Vrbata must have gotten a quick baseball lesson sometime over the summer and learned how to bunt a puck into the net. (side note: that was a great f’n goal!!).
  • We finally scored an empty net goal
  • Fiddler decided to get into a fight.
  • Bryz blocked 40 shots. Too many shots in my opinion.

And finally, might as well post this since it is AJTYG’s blog…

*Cough* *Cough* ZOMG!!!! OOOF got his first point tonight. *DED* OEL.

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4 Responses to Its Game Time!!

  1. Ashley says:

    You sounded just like her with your OOOF assessment!

  2. Agreed! He was really channeling AJTYG there…

  3. Melissa says:

    Great recap but the wizard is Ray Whitney, not Ryan. Ryan Whitney is a defenseman for Edmonton…..

  4. jrsyboy says:

    Oops! My bad Melissa. This is what I get for writing late at night.

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