Epic Prague Update & Finnish Celebrity Sighting!


Marty laughing with the enemy or AT the enemy???


Ahoy from Praha!

Sooooooooooo lots to talk about!  I missed the internets so much!

Highlight of yesterday:  We were down in Old Town and there was a street hockey demonstration going on!   At first I noticed Todd Walsh and I was like ZOMG it’s Todd Walsh!  Then Kim was like that’s Prucha talking on the mircophone!  HOLY CRAP IT WAS!   Then, the Coyote Czechs took on the Bruins Krejci, Chara, and Strum in street hockey shootout!  The Bruins aren’t cool enough to have three Czechs so they had to use their fake Czechs.

I may or may not have yelled at Marty and he may or may not have been like HI!  HOW ARE YOU?  in front of like a huge group of Czechs.  *DED*


The big one is named Marty I think?



Pru after his slick shot



Vrby signed autographs 20 minutes longer than any of the other players. <3!



Aaaaand Vrby stayed after for interviews. <3!


Sooooooooooo I think the goalie won, cuz all the players sucked at the shootout.  Anyways, the players signed some autographs, but Marty and Prucha jetted right away.  Then the Bruins players left.  Who stayed?

Radim Freakin’ Vrbata.

Vrby stayed and signed autographs for all these hockey kids and Czech fans.  For like an extra 2o to 30 minutes!  He was amazing.  He’s such a good dude and he totally raised my opinion of him, if that was even possible.  Radim is like the Shane Doan of Czech.

And then a bit later……….. this Coyotes fan goes up to Bizz, Sami, Pyatt, Yandle and Korpikoski……. and only talks to Korpikoski, ignoring the rest of them LIKE A BOSS!

Who the hell was this fan?


Who could this mystery fan be? Who could ignore all those others and only talk to Korps?


WOOOOOOOOOOO IT WAS ME!  I totally went straight up to Korps and like tapped him on the shoulder (while he was surrounded by the guys) and was like KORPS!  The beginning of the convo is a blur in my brain cuz I was like ZOMG KORPS!  He was so nice and was asking about our flight and what we have seen and what our plans were.  OMG don’t talk about me, let’s talk about you!  We talked about his number change, crazy time switching coming from Europe, and ….. my brain died.  But….. KORPS!

Oh and when Yandle went walking by us he was like hey, and I’m like Yandle!  Have you tried the beer?  and he said no but promised he would before he left.  No beer for the Alternate Captain.  Does he alternate drinking days with Fiddy too?


Today we went to practice at O2 arena.  It’s a pretty slick set up.  President Mike Nealy and General Manager Don Maloney met with the fans afterwards.  Of course, I couldn’t stop from asking the question:  “Does it look like OEL is going to be the #6 man or Schlem?”   and GMDM reponds:  “OEL will play for sure.  It looks like Schlemko and Lepisto will be rotating/fighting for the last spot.”

HOLY CRAP!  Not only did OEL make the team, but apparently he doesn’t even have to scrap for playing time right out of the gate!  THIS IS AWESOME.

But seriously, Oliver Ekman-Larsson is so calm with the puck and makes great decisions.  I guess I’m not shocked that this was GMDM’s answer, but a bit surprised since Lepisto locked down so much playing time at the end of the season.


When it comes to the forwards that will play, GMDM mentioned some interesting names when mentioning fighting for playing time.  Prucha.  Uppy.  Bizz.  Well, Bizz we knew, but Prucha and Uppy?  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?  Crazy talk.  Don’t make me get a shiv up in this foreign country.

We had some super happy players.  Here are a few pics:


OOOF is happy he made the team! WOOOOOOO!



Less happy...... had to focus.



O Hai Marty. Funny meeting you here. Come here often?






Mr. Popular!



New linemates?



It's the giggle line






Schlem tries to rough up Doan. :O



Bizz put your damn practice jersey on! Seriously, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!!?



Who is awsome? Oakie says: ME!



Ok now you're just a dork?



Awwww happy Oliver!



He's so excited that he made the team!



I did it guys! I made the team!






Gooooooooooooooooo me!






Dave King: I'm gonna need you to calm down son. Kyle: OH!






O hai Oliver!



The happy kids



Kyle! DO NOT hit Oliver! BAD!


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2 Responses to Epic Prague Update & Finnish Celebrity Sighting!

  1. Cass says:

    But Oakie IS awesome. mmm Oakie.

  2. Susanne says:

    i’m in love with this post, haha

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