Let’s Talk Chemistry for a Moment

No, not the chemistry that was taught in high school or college with all the cool things you can make and blow up. I’m talking team work chemistry. The 2010-11 NHL season is upon us & Wired.com (yes I’m one of the resident tech geeks & read Wired) has a great article about hockey and chemistry. Go read it: http://www.wired.com/playbook/2010/10/championship-chemistry/.

Done reading? Good! Now let’s talk Coyotes chemistry. This Coyotes team has chemistry. You can see it during the game, during warm ups, and even in the various videos from last season (see below).

Like the article states, it all starts with the GM. Now, I can start a rant about GM Don Maloney being a great GM and finding all the players and Dave Tippett and the coaching staff coming together and getting the right guys out on the ice on the right lines working together like a V8 hemi, but you probably already know that. Both guys won awards last year for their respective jobs which proves they know what they are doing.

The leadership on the ice will be the big thing this year. Doan, is the best captain I’ve seen in years. Wins the King Clancy award last season (blogger side note: Doan should have also won the Messier Leadership Award IMHO as well. I’m going to believe that Messier was going to give it to Doan, but Messier saw this little kid crying in the corner, felt bad, and decided to let the kid hold the award to feel better only to realize it was Sidney Crosby and it was too late to get it back).

As for the alternative captains, Jovo is going to step it up this year like he did last season. Fiddler and Yandle will be great as well sharing the A. (You can see why below).

And if you think the Coyotes don’t have chemistry, I submit to you 2 of the best videos around from last season. Props to Sarah McLellan for getting these videos made.

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