Your guide to AJTYG-speak

I would take a guess that a lot of TGTBTC readers also follow AJTYG on Twitter.  As one of them, I’ve seen several people ask for something of a translation guide to some of the possibly insane ramblings and shorthand harder to understand terms you might see from her and her followers on the site, and I think it’s time we take care of that.

I’ve recently rediscovered, and referred to their site, along with several times for commonly accepted definitions of the more mainstream terms.

So won’t you join me on a ride into the unknown, the language…of Yotesgurl!

O hai! : Literally translates to “Hello!” Originated from Lolcat speak. (link)

CzechFinnistan (several locations): Where some of us live.  Not yet recognized by the UN.  We are a peaceful nation.  Outposts in Australia, and East Coast USA.  Often abbreviated (i.e. ECzFn, WCzFn, NCzFnLdTn)

Awwww, I love _____!!!: AJTYG has sympathetic feelings of affection toward lots of things.  Mention of any of these in the presence of AJTYG will generate this response toward the subject.  This may be a subconscious reaction on AJTYG’s part.

*Ded*: AJTYG also has strong reactions of shock toward certain subjects, which can result in this faux-catatonic reaction.  Can be used as a positive or negative.

SHANK: Uh oh, AJTYG ANGRY!  AJTYG SMASH!  When you see “SHANK” its best to lay low until the all clear signal has been issued.

ZOMGWTFBBQ: A generally used term of shock. Usually used in humorous instances.  Synonyms: ZOMGWTFBBQSAUCE, ZOMGWTFROBLOWEBBQSAUCE (link)

Roblowe: Roflmao. You do know roflmao right? (Bonus: Do, dooo, dododo…, which references the Mahna Mahna song)

APPEAR!: AJTYG has something to say to you. Usually followed by “O hai!” once responded to.

EXITE!: AJTYG is excited, and may be *ded* or using emergency jazz hands/euro visor hands.

OOOF!: OEL, hopefully awesome Coyotes Rookie.  Originated from OEL’s first name, Oliver, which turned into Oli-Oli-Oxen-Free, then shortened into OOOF.


(The above 3 terms are always used in all-caps, and with exclamation)

Emergency Banana Phone: Much like the President of the USA has a red phone at his desk for emergencies, members of CzechFinnistan have a banana-phone.  Has never been used.

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