The Great Blog Takeover of 2010

Good morning avid TGTBTC readers, and welcome to a new era for the site. 

I’m CK!  You might know me from such roles as: CKinAZ on the Twitters, and recently in my part as editor at one of the victims of the D’Backs horrible season:, and I’ve teamed up with my East CzechFinnestan neighbors L and L (full names hidden to protect identities) to assume control of AJTYG’s blog while she’s away in Prague in THE GREAT BLOG TAKEOVER OF 2010©®.


Bye!!! We'll take good care of your blog!!!

So what can your expect from Team ECzFn while AJ’s away? 

1) Less MS Paint usage

b) More non-Czech Coyotes coverage

3) About the same amount of Red Wing angst.

iv) Something about Jersey (as in “New”, not “what we wear to the game”) from Mr. L.

εʹ) … *shrugs*

6) Profit!

So stay tuned.  Should be a fun week.


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4 Responses to The Great Blog Takeover of 2010

  1. Alex says:

    Wait, there are non-Czechs on the team? I’m so confused. Next you’re going to tell me there are defensemen not named OEL.

    • ck says:

      Rumors of Americans and Canadians at forward and d-men spots, along with a wacky Russian goalie in net appear to be true. More to come…


  2. L says:

    ECzFn represent! I don’t have MS Paint, so I’m going to use real paint on real pictures. That gives the blog an old skool feel.

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