Poking around Riga’s website

First off, big props to who ever is running Dynamo (Dinamo?) Riga’s website.  While I certainly won’t call myself an expert on Riga after going through their site, having an English version of the site up (http://www.dinamoriga.eu/en) made things as easy as possible.  Now to dig in to their site and see what there is to be seen…

It looks like the same person I thanked for the English site also has been lazy!  They still have last season’s standings posted:

Riga finished in 5th in the always tough Bobrov division

Note that the Riga’s record was (ahem) 23-1-3-4-3-22 for 84 points.  I have no clue how the points breakdown goes.  3 points for a win is my jumping off point.  This did put them in the 8th and final spot in the KHL’s Western Conference. 

Looks like Riga is currently 6-5-0-1 for 16 points, per hockeydb.com.  That would mean things have changed to the NHL style 2 pts for a win, and a consolation point for OT losses.  Boo.

By the way, Bobrov refers to Vsevolod Bobrov, who seems to have been a pretty big deal in his day.

Looking through the roster, most everyone on the team hails from Latvia, Riga specifically.  Imagine a day when most of the Coyotes roster is from Arizona!  Maybe if AJTYG gets to work as my agent I’ll help establish that trend.

I can back up Bryz! Really!

Back to business…there is one name Coyotes fan should recognize:

Part of the vicious Auld-Aebischer-Tellqvist 3 headed goalie monster that started the 07-08 season.

Hi Telly!  Looks like he’s on his 3rd KHL team now…

European hockey can be a lot more advertiser “friendly”, and while some Euro teams have an ad EXPLOSION on their jerseys, Riga’s seems to be tastefully done:

Classy! (photographer: Raimonds Volonts)

Riga play their home games in Arena Riga!  Awww…remember when the Coyotes played at Glendale Arena??  Looks nice enough…built in 06 for the World Championships, seats 10,300…wait, their arena is on several public transportation lines and in near the city center!?  Fans are encouraged to USE (?!?!) this public transportation to get to and from games!?  Hey Phoenix/Glendale/Cardinals/Coyotes/UoP Staduim/The Job: Get together and get Light Rail to Westgate.  DO IT!

If any of you have made it this far, thanks for sticking around my tour of Riga’s website.  Tomorrow’s game between the Yotes and Riga will be streamed live on NHL.com, and who knows if there is going to be some sort of video stream going on out of Latvia.  GO YOTES!!!

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  1. Alex says:

    Telly! I miss Telly!

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