Icy Hot & Quaker Oats Crew

So I’m at the airport waiting to start my trip to Prague.  There is a group of about 70 Phx fans that are going on the same flights and looking around……..

There must also be an International Grandparents Convention in Prague.  Or a hip replacement seminar?  A grand opening of a Country Kitchen Buffet that they all didn’t want to miss?

In summary:  HOLY CRAP EVERYONE IS OLD.  I guess it was to be expected.  Old people have money to travel.  They have the time too.  Hmm, sit at home collecting dust or head off to Europe?  Tough choice.  OMG A COUNTRY KITCHEN BUFFET IS OPENING?   Pack your knickers Milly, we’re hoppin’ a plane!

And LOL @ people DECKED OUT in Coyotes gear.  Now, I’m a pretty big fan, but not even I am wearing gear on the plane.  Possibly cuz I want to act like I’ve been somewhere before.

But, in all seriousness, may Shane Jesus Doan bless these folks for spending the money to go see the Coyotes play in Prague.  It’s money from these kind folks that are helping keep us afloat.  Remember the Coyotes in your wills folks!  Resigning Vrby ain’t gonna be cheap!

Alright so I may possibly be going to hell for that.  I’m alright with it.

Now I just have to train my brain that although it’s dark and my computer says 5:13am, it’s ACTUALLY 2:13pm.

Gah!  Alright, maybe I’ll check in from JFK.

Peace out!

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