Time For Painful Cuts

So it was do or die time.  The final pre-season game before the team is decided and we all fly off to Czech Republic for the opening of the season (minus the Latvia game).

Who played that is fighting for spots?

D:  OEL, Schlemko, Goncharov

F: Turris, Boeds, Teek, Wellwood.

So by the thought that Ebbett should play in one of the two final pre-season games and didn’t, I’m going to assume that he is, in fact, going to San Antonio.

What happened in the game?

Stempniak scored from Schlemko and Pyatt.  Then Turris scored from Prucha and Uppy.  Finally, Uppy scored from Prucha.

Let’s break down the battles for spots:

OEL:  +1, 2PIM, 3 shots, 23:35 of ice time (1:14 PP, 6:54 PK)

Schlemko: 1A, +0, 2PIM, 3 shots, 16:41 of ice time (2:28 PP, 0:16 PK)

Goncharov: -1, 0PIM, 0 shots, 18:57 of ice time (0:26 PP, 1:11 PK)

What does this mean?  It looks like OEL is getting a ton of ice time and that speaks well for him making the team.  He also got a ton of PK time and our PK did a good job tonight.  Schlem had a good assist, but got the least time.  Still a good game for him.  Max didn’t make any big mistakes tonight so he is a dark horse in this race.

Turris: 1G, +2, 2PIM, 2 shots, and 18:24 of time on ice (2:40 PP, 0:32 PK)

Wellwood: -2, 0PIM, 2 shots, and 14:35 of time on ice (1:45 PP, 0:00 PK)

What does this mean?  The number seem to speak for themselves?

Boedker: -2, 0PIM, 3 shots, and 14:16 of time on ice (1:45 PP, 0:00 PK)

Tikhonov: -1, 0PIM, 2 shots, and 16:20 of time on ice (0:12 PP, 4:32 PK)

What I think will happen:  I think OEL and Schlemko make the team on defense.  I love Max, but he can use some AHL seasoning.  I think we keep Turris, dump Wellwood and send Ebbett down to San Antonio.  And for the wingers…… fuck.  I think we keep Teek and send Boeds down.  *cries forever*.  Boeds just fills the same role as Uppy and Stempniak.  With Teek, he kinda fills the hole left by Winnik as a tough forechecker/penalty killer.


We find out tomorrow…. or Friday?

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One Response to Time For Painful Cuts

  1. David Cosand says:

    AJTYG… what about your original prediction that a vet gets waived / traded / sent down and Teek, Baby Dane, and Turris all make it? Not so sure?

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