Give Me Swede ….. Or Else!



So people are saying that it looks like Oliver will make the team for sure.  SLOW DOWN PEOPLE!  We do not want to jinx it!  OEL played in the pre-season game vs the Flames tonight, while Goncharov and Schlemko were scratched.  This appears to be a good sign for our favorite rookie Swede.



So in the game tonight, he has 23:21 of time on ice, which was second most on the team, behind his D-partner Aucoin. It broke down like this:

Even strength:  13:39

Power play:  4:55

Penalty kill:  4:47

So basically, OEL played in ALL situations in the game.


Can we see him all year?

We lost the game 3 to 1, but OEL ended up with no shots, no penalties, and was an even on +/-.  So considering the Flames had their full team out there and how much time that Oliver played, I’m going to call this game a positive for him.  Plus the fact that he played and the other two defensemen vying for spots did not play, speaks well for OEL making the team.

What about the rest of the team?

1st Star:  Shane Doan scored his third pre-season goal and if we can start off with him on an offensive roll instead of his famous slow start, we are going to be much ahead of the game!  WAY TO GO JESUS!

2nd Star:  Yandle looked good.  In a hockey way.  Not in a HEY THERE kinda way.

3rd Star:  Wellwood.  For doing nothing that looked very good and increasing the liklihood that we keep Turris instead of him.  WAY TO GO WELLWOOD!

Stempniak was a bit invisible this game.  Pyatt only was memorable cuz he got in a scrap.  And Prucha didn’t play.  WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT????

Tomorrow night the Coyotes play the final pre-season game before finalizing the roster.  They go against the Oilers.  We do have another pre-season game in Latvia but the roster will already be trimmed by then because the only extra player we are taking to Europe is an extra goalie.

Tomorrow night is crucial.  #TeamEkman-Larsson  #TeamTurris  #TeamTikhonov #TeamBoedker




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2 Responses to Give Me Swede ….. Or Else!

  1. Cass says:

    I am totally on board with #TeamEkmanLarsson. Word. Or in Finnish? “Sana”. Oh yes, I went there.

  2. Melissa says:

    You do realize if Tikhonov and Boedker make it, that Prucha will not. I’m having trouble getting him in the line-up without the two of them but with them, it’s almost a guarantee he is gone. I’m all for the two kids (and actually would love for them to make it) but Pru MUST play!!!

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