After This The Cuts Are Tough

So after the 16 roster moves yesterday, who is left standing??

Defense:  Schlemko, Goncharov, and Oliver Ekman-Larsson (Wooooooooooooo!)

Forwards:  Tikhonov, Boedker, Turris, Wellwood, and Ebbett.

So basically, everyone we thought that would be fighting hard for spots still is.

Who was shipped out?

Defense:  Gormley went back to his junior team and Ahnelov, Yonkman, Summers, Stone, and Stafford got sent to San Antonio. *Shane Hnidy has a shoulder injury and is out indefinitely, so he isn’t technically cut.

Forwards:  Beaudoin, Hollweg, Kearns, Lunden, MacLean, Picard and Riley were all sent to San Antonio.  I’m somewhat surprised MacLean didn’t get a look at the two pre-season games this week.  And Blair Riley continues his hunt for a contract in San Antonio this week.  Good luck Sir!

Goalies:  Climie and Montoya were sent to San Antonio.

So…. now what?

Wellwood vs. Turris vs. Ebbett.  Soooooooooo here is my take on this whole thing.  Ebbett hasn’t played badly during camp.  He makes smart plays.  He’s just not the level of playmaker that Turris is.

So if we have two quality centers already, do we really need Wellwood?  No.

You hear that GMDM?  DO. NOT. NEED.

Boedker vs Tikhonov.  I can’t even discuss this because it makes me want to throw up to even think about it.  WE HAVE TO KEEP THEM BOTH DAMNIT.  PLEASE?

Ekman-Larsson vs Schlemko vs Goncharov: We’ve seen in the pre-season games that Max needs some time to get used to the North American game.  He’s good, he just needs to adjust.  So if we carry 7 defensemen, we keep Schlem  and OEL.  If we keep 6 defensemen in order to have an extra forward spot to keep Boeds AND Teek…..

We keep OEL.

Or I will throw a goddamn fit.

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2 Responses to After This The Cuts Are Tough

  1. genia says:

    gotta give you well deserved thumbs up!!!

    I really enjoy reading your posts during my lunch breaks… very refreshing and, most importantly, fun 🙂

    PS: agree with the above statements of yours.

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