A Few Quick Pix

Tiny Ebbett! He's like a midget!

So David and I did a youtube show about the game last night so I’m not really gonna talk about it.  I’m super sad that OEL went to San Jose, but most of the Czechs were still here, so WIN!

Uppy gives the game puck to a kid in the crowd. Awww Uppy!

Oakie in the box. Oakie needed a time out!

Korps & crew

Get him Marty!

The Czech twins are ready to spring into action.....

The long team bench

Belanger hangs out

Schlem, Marty, n Korps

Stempniak isn't too clear, that's how he played too

O hai Korps!

Ray where is ur helmetz?

Gonch caught me

O hai Eric!


Jovo gives Max advice. Dis can't be good

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