Välkommen Oliver

Alright people, now that my mouse wasn’t being all stupid, I am ready to give you a picture tour of the game last night.

First, let’s take care of a lil housekeeping business.

7 Players were cut from camp and reassigned to San Antonio:

F Justin Bernhardt

F Colin Long

F Peter MacArthur (on a tryout & apparently got a contract)

D Nick Ross

D Mat Brodeur

D Jeff May

G Joe Fallon

So, what does this mean?  Well, there aren’t any huge surprises.  The best part of this is that our tryout man/boy/mite Blair Riley is still with the team!  WOOOO!

O hai Blair, it's not awkward at all when you stare at me while I take ur picture. That's a lie, it totally is.

Alright, so back to the game.

So I will put this disclaimer out there.  This was the first sorta-real game that I saw OEL in.  And I may have been a BIT excited.  And I may have taken a LOT of pictures cuz I was on the glass.   You can see all the pictures I took, but didn’t use on the Facebook album for my blog The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes Facebook Page.  While you’re there, “Like” it!

So, here is a picture review of Coyotes vs. Kings….starring:

Oliver Ekman-Larsson as The Kid

Martin Hanzal as The Hero

Petr Prucha as The Sidekick

Adrian Aucoin as  Adrian Aucoin ….. he’s not a very good actor

Shane Doan as Hockey Jesus

…. as always, click on the pictures to make them bigger!

O Hai Oliver!

No Pru, you didn't forget ur helmet. Iz on ur Pru head.

Jesus with his non-flowing locks not blowing in the wind

Fiddy! What part are you playing? U look like an outlaw.

I see you seeing me.

OEL during warm-ups. He sees me. I hide.

Pru has stick.

Oliver right before puck drop

Yandle is in shock! I iz with the Czech line? Ya-Ya-Yandle and the Czechs!

Omg are they ever gonna drop the puck? Iz almost my bedtime!

Marty is highly amused by this scrum. And is the ref seriously holding back Teek?

Dat man is gonna hit dat other man and Yandle is :O


TEEKS! He moonlights as a glove delivery man.

HI MARTY! Omg pay attention to the game!

Oakie is not impressed. -- Oh come on!

Marty is so freaking tall. That Kings player looks like a midget.

Pru maybe your mouthguard should be.... I dunno.... in your mouth? Iz not nose guard.

Go Oliver!

Taylor is shocked. Motherf-ing shocked y'all.

Pru, why AJ taking pictures of you?

Pru doing robot hockey player.

Get him Pru!

Wait, there is like more of Pru than OEL.....

Blair I know you wanna make an impression but PUT UR HELMET BACK ON.

Whoooosh! Go 'Tay!

Pru & OEL = Win

Go Oli Go ... while the ref figure skates in the background.

No Pru, seriously, why AJ take pictures of you?

OEL hits!

This is Marty. This is Marty hurt. This is AJ getting ready to bury Meckler's entrails in the desert.

Teek chills

OEL chills.

OEL & Doan. Student & Master. PS ~ OEL's wrists are super skinny.


Teek needs sexual harassment training. Fiddy only lets Yandle give him bum pats.

Marty looks pissed at OEL



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One Response to Välkommen Oliver

  1. Cass says:

    Delicious. I didn’t want this post to end.

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