Where Did This Kid Come From? Umm Sweden Dude.

What can I say about the game tonight?  Maybe it can all be said with a picture:


This kid.  Let me tell you.  First of all, he starts the game and I’m like OMG!  Aucoin is his defensive partner.  Thank God cuz Oakie will protect him.

So the game was terrible.  It was very back and forth without a ton of quality scoring chances.   *Yawn*

Yeah, I was sitting on the glass. O hai Pru!

I am too tired to do a blow-by-blow review of the game, but honestly, there wasn’t much to say.  The King scored first…. Poni, their import.  Things were looking bleak cuz the Coyotes couldn’t score……….. until the last three minutes of the game.  Holy crap guys, can we get it done a lil earlier?  Who scores?

Ugh.  Wellwood.  Turris is better.  #TeamTurris

Who got an assist on it?

OEL with the assist!


An assist in front of the hometown crowd?  Not bad!

So the game is tied and we head into overtime.  Time is ticking away and Oliver drills a shot that flies to the right of the net and Doaner puts the rebound into the net.

Doan & OEL save the day!

So Oliver had two assists.  AND HE WAS THE #3 STAR OF THE GAME BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who me?

So the #3 star, being a rookie, didn’t realize that the stars skate out onto the ice after the game so the crowd can cheer for them.  So OEL is announced as #3 star and …………  umm …………………… he never comes out.

OLIVER!  How are we supposed to yell for you when you are already in the locker room.  Oh rookie.

Superstar in the making.

So anyways….

Who gets love, love, love:  OEL of course!  He had quite a bit of poise for being a rookie.  Doan because he won the game and is hockey Jesus.  Yandle cuz he looked really good tonight with that “A” on his jersey.  Prucha also had a good game, he worked his ass off, as always


Who gets kicked in the junk:  Wellwood….. yea yea he scored.  I’m still #TeamTurris.

OH MY GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE I GOT TO THIS POINT IN THE BLOG WITHOUT TALKING ABOUT MARTY GETTING HURT.  So Meckler put a hit on Marty and he was like doubled over in pain and just skated and the idiots wouldn’t open the freaking gate so he could go back to the locker room and pretty sure I was freaking the hell out cuz now I’m gonna have to gut Meckler and bury his body in the desert or maybe just let himSo  lay in front of the arena as a message not to F with my Czech.

*whew*  No word yet on if Marty is hurt hurt or was just hurt.  *crosses fingers*.

Know what will make me feel better?  Another pic of Oliver and Doan.

Captain and Rookie


Bench boys

Yeah, I rocked the Ekman-Larsson tonight. You know you're jealous.

Ok, well I’m still worried about Marty but it’s totally bed time.  I have a ton of pictures from tonight so I’ll put some more up tomorrow.

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One Response to Where Did This Kid Come From? Umm Sweden Dude.

  1. Cass says:

    I’ll help you dig the hole. Meckler better hope that Marty heals quickly.

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