The Start Of Something Great

So the first preseason game of the year was last night.  Who started the game on defense?

Oliver Ekman-Larsson.

Hoooooooly crap.  I can’t believe I missed his first preseason game and he started!  FAIL AJ FAIL!  He didn’t score but he had 20 minutes of time on ice and broke up a breakaway by Dan Sexton with a diving poke check.  DIVING POKE CHECK from the 19 year old!

OEL! So proud!

The first period was pretty sucky.  We were so disjointed and we were penalty-ridden…. mostly on our D!  Max, Sami, Brandon, and Picard all had penalties.  Thankfully our PK was kickass and the score at the end of the period was 0-0.

O Hai Pru!

The second period had the Ducks getting the penalties and the Coyotes?  We remember that you need to score to win.  First pre-season games…. clear out the cobwebs!

Who starts the scoring?

Kyle Freaking Turris.  That’s right.  Back up off the kid Wellwood.


Andrew Ebbett scored next, followed by Brett Maclean and finally Viktor Tikhonov.

Hai guys!

However, the PK still got a work out with Picard (again!), Belanger, and Tikhonov getting penalties.  GAH!

In the third, there wasn’t any scoring, but Goncharov got a penalty.  Biz beat some dude’s ass.  And Nolan Yonkman boarded some kid and then got in a fight.  Dislike.  Can he just go away now?

Sooooooooooooooo because there was so much crap going on, let’s review the scoring:

Goals:  Kyle Freaking Turris, Brett Maclean, Andrew “still won’t make the team”  Ebbett, and Teek.

Assists:  Kyle Freaking Turris (!!!), Pru, Schlem, Baby Gonch, Two-penalty Picard, Sami (2 assists bitches!), and….. Wellwood.  UGH.

Who gets love, love, love:

Kyle Freaking Turris: A goal & an assist & #1 star of the game.  The man (yes I said man) made a statement.

Viktor Tikhonov:  Teeeeeeeeeeeeek!  Not only did he score, but he had a couple breakaways.  He has heart.  Mondo heart.

Oliver Ekman-Larsson:  Clean game.  No penalties.  Smart player.

Who gets kicked in the junk:

Wellwood:  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  Sincerely, #TeamTurris

Yonkman:  He just hasn’t grown on me.  At all.  And boarding in a pre-season game?

And finally, I was pretty bummed that Blair Riley was scratched.  Come on kid, you can do it.


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OEL bring the world together!

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