Cut BB Goalie & I’ll Cut You Back

Well the first round of cuts are in:


F Jordan Szwarz

G Mark Visentin

D Justin Weller

F Evan Bloodoff (NOOOOOOOO!)

G Lou…. Loui…… *cries*  Louis Domingue….. BB Goalie NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Whyyyyyyyyyyyy God Whyyyy?  Ok seriously, I am just super excited that Louie worked his way into a camp invite and he got cut the same time that the other rookie goalie got cut.  So, Imma call it a win.  However, that does not mean that I will not spend the rest of camp taking funny, cheapshots at the remaining goalies cuz I’m bitter.

BB Goalie goes back to the Remparts and is coached by PATRICK ROY BITCHES!

Bye bye BB Goalie.... I will send spies to get me updates.

Awww bye bye to you too BB Bloodoff

So.  Sad.  But hey let’s talk about who didn’t get cut:

Colin Long!!

Colin, that is not what 'no glove, no love' means.

Blair Riley (WOOOOOO!)

….. and Wellwood.  UGH.

Let’s get some player perspective on Wellwood still hanging around.  Who is a good quote…… SAMI!

Sami loves Sir Mix-a-lot

Consequences Sami, consequences

When in doubt, Finding Nemo provides the mantra

Awwwww Turris! This will work in your favor in the end. Promise. #TeamTurris

It's scary that this could actually be accurate

When asking about a drill, Uppy got distracted

Day three of camp was games... ring-around the rosies.....

Bryz loves his Doanface

Teek prefers to use notes: Do you want to be my linemate? Mark yes or no.

Taylor you were around in the 80s?

Did I mention that I’m sad about BB Goalie?  😦

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