Coyote Cuts …. Camp & Hanzal’s Hair

So I missed the scrimmage today and OEL’s practice.  FAIL!  But I got to see Group A practice (I missed most of it yesterday) and Group B practice.

But but but…. no OEL?  FAIL!

Ok so there is a tiny bit of Oliver Ekman-Larsson..... Can't blog without him!

The first round of cuts will come soon and certainly before I see the boys play on Thursday night.  So…

This could be the last time I see BB goalie for a year!  *gasp*

BB Goalie skating off into the sunset.... wifout me 😦

So let’s talk about who had a good day…..

Yandle (duh) had crisp passes and had some sick goals.  Which he yelled about like they were game winners.  Cracks me up.

Vrby/Whitney/Hanzal ~ this line had another killer day.  Whitney’s hands around the net are insane.

Turris looked quick and had some good goals.


Who was faily:

Jovo ~ Jovo wasn’t faily so much as he didn’t practice or play in the scrimmage.  Did he hurt himself with his extra skating yesterday or did he spend the day at the waterpark ?

Yonkman ~ I don’t even notice him out there and for a 6’6 dude, that’s difficult.

The BB forwards: Szwarz/Bernhardt/Bloodoff/Long ~ They aren’t failing, their skill level just isn’t there yet.  I left Blair Riley off this list cuz I think he sticks around a bit longer than the rest.

Riley: She said I can stay, right?

Bloodoff: You tell coach to keep me? Plz? I b cute.

GAH!  TOO BABYFACED AND CUTE.  Alright Tippett, you gotta hang on to Bloodoff for a while.


Oy I can’t say no to the young and hopeful.  Therefore, I could never be a coach.

So what else happened?

OMG MARTY HURT HIS SHOULDER!  He was doing a drill and then suddenly he was over at the bench talking to the trainer.  The trainer then felt him up in a way that makes me think I should be a trainer and checked him out.  Marty skated back but was moving his shoulder around and wincing.  He didn’t seem to favor it for the rest of practice but…. you know… I notice these things.

An owwie: He haz one.

PS ~ In other Hanzal news:  So the kid buzzed his giant ‘fro off.  So who do I see sitting in the stands with a hoodie on with the hood up?  Hanzal.  ARE YOU EMBARRASSED BY YOUR LACK OF FLOWING LOCKS SON?


So no other big news:  hair or otherwise.  So I’ll leave you with some pictures from today….

Bryz: You are my fren Captain Coyote. Doan: Just call me Shane Bryz. Bryz: Ok Shane Bryz!

Yeah I punched him. Sue me.

Baby Turris!

Turris: The Anti-Wellwood

Still Turris!


Moar headz

Sami is hiding. Silly Sami, no one can hide behind skinny Turris! Hide behind Wellwood!

Sami with his mean look. People are not afraid.

Seriously, all my good pics had Turris!

Taylor wut iz funny?

Uppy haz helmet to protect his hair, not his face

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One Response to Coyote Cuts …. Camp & Hanzal’s Hair

  1. Cass says:

    These pictures make me happy. I got there too late today and saw nothing but closed gates. Thanks for posting them. Love the captions, as always.

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