Get Out The Sleeping Bag & Tent……CAMP!

So nothing too exciting happened today.  *Yawn*



I wore my Korps shirt because he's badass. Check out that 'fro!

Prucha worked for 45 seconds in the corner and had several attempts before he finally scored......... and he celebrated like he won the Cup. Like he always does!

..... still celebrating.....

....and now just still excited about the goal.....

Baby Dane had a good day too... he's bigger this year

Baby Dane even did some manual labor

Oakie is happy and OOOF is focused..... typical

Prucha fights the 70s time traveling porn star, and wins!

OOOF had a kickass day.

Korps changed his number from 29 to 28 this year




Who is this bum?

Jonas is not impressed apparently

I wanna know who punched Picard.

O-M-G That's Shane Doan!

The long shot kid Blair Riley

Zomg ur so tall

This douchebag is going down. Didn't someone warn him?


You can't look directly into the face of hockey Jesus

Vrby makes pucks fly

So a few things that stuck out to me today:

~ Totally think Wellwood is toast.  Turris looked sharp, scored a goal in the scrimmage, and played pretty big.  Wellwood, on the other hand, didn’t look special at all.  He was the slowest one in his group for sprints, his shots had no snap.  It didn’t really look like he was trying.  All together now:  YAY!!!!

~ GMDM said that Wolski will stay at wing for a while to give Turris a good look at center.  It’s looking good for my prediction that Turris is a Coyote this year.

~ Oliver Ekman-Larsson looked good.  Very good.  He is very good at jarring the puck away using his stick and getting control of it.  Each time I see him, I am more and more sure that he makes the team this year.

~ Nick Ross was being dicky.  There was a drill where one player had no stick and had to keep the other player from keeping control of the puck.  Nick Ross TOOK STEMPNIAK OUT.  It was uncessary.  He did it to another player later.  I am not impressed.

~ Nolan Yonkman is fail.  There is a vast different between being 6’6 and being 6’6 with skill.  Yonkman is 6’6.  Period.  Passing or receiving isn’t his strong point.

~ Jovo did extra skating after practice, all by himself with Ulf timing him.  Who is this man trying to impress?  YOU GO JOVO!

~ Goncharov was invisible today.  At least he didn’t stand out in a bad way.

~ Picard had a big black eye.

~ Who was pretty good today:  Hanzal/Vrby/Whitney line, Turris, Doan, Korps (had hella hard shots), Prucha (battled), Yandle, OEL, Lepisto, Schlem

~ Ryan Hollweg has an epic 70s mustache.  Disgust:  I haz it.

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