Who Will Be Hitchhiking Home From Camp?

So yesterday we talked about the baby rookies that got invited to camp (BB GOALIE!!!).  Today,  let’s review the peeps who may be familiar, but weren’t Coyote regulars last season.  And there are quite a few kids we picked up so let’s roll:


David Schlemko:  Schlem played 55 games for the Rampage last year and 17 for the Yotes.  For the Rampage, he had 5 goals and 26 assists.  When he was up last year, he played very adequately which was great, considering it was his first quasi-extended NHL stay.  Likelihood of sticking:  8/10

Jonas Ahnelov:  Jonas!  This kid gets hurt more than DiPietro and you didn’t even think that was possible.  He is a stay-at-home dman and can be gritty/nasty.  Liklihood of sticking:  5.5/10

Garrett Stafford:  Last season he played 60 games for his AHL team and had 7 goals and 25 assists.  Liklihood of sticking:  4/10

Shane Hnidy:  He’s on a tryout contract.  He played 70 NHL games last season and had 2 goals and 12 assists.  He’s a tough dude and is nicknamed “The Sherriff”.  On a personal note, he has a lot of interesting facial hair going on.  You know I hate that.  Liklihood of sticking:  4/10

Nolan Yonkman: Aka:  the 6’6 dude.  He’s a big boy and in 76 AHL games last season he scored 3 goals and had 7 assists.  Liklihood of sticking:  2/10

Jeff May:  Last season he had 46 games played and had 2 goals and 4 assists.  Liklihood of sticking: 0/10

Other candidate rankings:  Oliver Ekman Larsson 8/10, Maxim Goncharov 7.5/10, Brandon Gormley 4/10


Andrew Ebbett: In 49 NHL games last season, he had 8 goals and 6 assists for the Wild.  He’s a wee lil man and with the signing of Belanger and the Wellwood tryout with Kyle Turris in the mix his liklihood of sticking is:  0/10

Ryan Hollweg: Last season he had 53 games played for the Rampage and had 4 goals, 6 assists.  He’s a “tough” dude, but with Bizz signed for two years the liklihood of him sticking is: 0/10

Brett Maclean: For the Rampage he had 24 goals and 39 assists in 76 games.  He’s a slick goal scorer that has good hands around the net.  Liklihood that he sticks: 6.5/10

Viktor Tikhonov: Teek had 25 games played in the NHL and was on a tear with 14 goals scored and 1 assist.  Can he do it here?  Liklihood that he sticks:  8/10

Kyle Wellwood: Ugh.  This tubber is coming in and trying to steal not only Turris’ lunch money, but his roster spot as well.  For the evil Canucks, he had 14 goals and 11 assists in 75 games.  With the signing of Bellanger and having Turris, we don’t need to spend money on him and GMDM won’t.   Liklihood that he sticks:  4/10.

Alexandre Picard: After acquiring him, Alex had 26 goals and 24 assists in 58 games.  Unfortunately, his skills don’t seem to translate to the speed of the NHL game because in over 40 NHL games, he only has 2 assists.  Liklihood of sticking:  3/10

Mathieu Beaudoin: In the AHL, he had 1 goal and 3 assists in 12 games.  Liklihood of sticking:  1/10

Bracken Kearns: For Rockford, he had 15 goals and 36 assists in 80 games.  Liklihood of sticking:  1/10

Peter MacArthur: Teammate of Kearns last season, he had 8 goals and 34 assists in 71 games. Liklihood of sticking:  1/10

Mikkel Boedker: Baby Dane!  If I have a nickname for you, it has to bode well.  In 64 Rampage games, Mikkel had 11 goals and 27 assists.  Liklihood of sticking: 8.5/10

Kyle Turris: In 76 games for the Rampage, Kyle had 24 goals and 39 (!) assists.  This is the year for Turris, I can feel it.  Liklihood of sticking:  8/10

Other candidate rankings:  Blair Riley 4/10 (come on Riley!)

Tomorrow is Day 1 of camp and expect a write up and lots of pictures.  CZECHS CZECHS FINNS!

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