Who Isn’t Getting On The Bus?

As Rookie Camp is wrapped up, let’s take a look at who got invited to Big Boy Camp (starts Saturday!!!!!!)……

Fowards:  Colin Long,  Justin Bernhardt, Jordan Szwarz, Evan Bloodoff, Josh Lunden, and………… Blair Riley!!!!  Our tryout boy made Big Boy Camp!  Kickass job Blair.

Defensemen:  Michael Stone, Justin Weller, Chris Summers, Nick Ross, Brandon Gormley, Matheiu Brodeur, Maxim Goncharov, and Oliver Ekman-Larsson.  Max and Oliver Show people!

Goalies:  Mark Visentin …………. AND  BB GOALIE LOUIE DOMINGUE!!!!!  I am so excited that he played his way into camp with the last rookie game!

Tomorrow, I’ll talk a bit about the non-rookie invitees to camp.

To wrap up rookie camp for The Good, The Bad, The Coyotes, I am going to use some pictures that turned out pretty well.  EXTREME CLOSE UP!  WAAAAAAH!  But no funny captions, sorry, they aren’t funny, they are just me learning to take pictures.

My most epic picture ~ Louie Domingue

Brandon Gormley

Goal hugs ~ Charles Inglis and #64 Tyler Fiddler

Louie Domingue..... BB GOALIE!

Evan Bloodoff

Justin Bernhardt

Brandon Gormley

Mark Visentin in the Baby Rookie Shootout

Oliver Ekman-Larsson


Charles Inglis

Chris Summers ~ Baby Rookie Assistant Captain

Maxim Goncharov


Oliver Oscar Emmanuel Ekman-Larsson. OOEEL!


Tyler Howe


Chris Summers


Michael Stone

Some dude?

BB Goalie way close up!

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