Coyotes Rookie Games: Baby’s First Steps!

The Coyotes rookies……… aka the Pups…….. squared off against the Kings rookies……… aka the Princes…… in two rookie games.

In the first game, Mark Visentin was in goal for the Coyotes and OEL/Goncharov were the starting D pair.  The beginning of the game was hectic/disjointed/sucked.  The Princes went up two goals on us before Evan Bloodoff (epic hockey name) got us on the board!   But never fear, the Princes came right back and put us down 3-1.  CRAP!


UGH! We have bigger problems than stench right now, we're down 3-1!


We needed a goal.  Bad.  Who was going to deliver?


AJ's favorite Pup


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLIVER!  WOOT!  Oli went and scored unassisted.  That poor goalie had no chance.  Then Blair Riley scored about a minute later and the score was tied.


Until the Kings scored again.  Damnit.


This is not how we score goals


Then Evan Bloodoff strikes again (2 goal at camp whaaaaaaaaaaaat!)  YOU STUD!  The game stayed tied throughout overtime and you know what that means………… BABY ROOKIE SHOOTOUT!  GAH!  Stress!  Colin Long went first and didn’t make it.  Visentin let in the first goal.  Some other kid (bad with names) went next and missed.  Then who goes last for us?  OEL!  He missed and we lost but it was epic anyways.


Gonch has a language barrier, what's your excuse Stone? 😛


The second rookie game was higher scoring but without OEL and Gonch playing, I cared less.  I wouldn’t care at all unless BB goalie played the whole game!!!!!!  OMG AND HE KICKED ASS!


BB Goalie is crazy!


The scoring started when Jordan Szwarz scored on the power play and then Mike Stone blasted a shot from the point past the Kings goalie.  And the goalie was sad.


Bahahahahaha SUCKER quit trying to hide!


Szwarz then scored again.  Cuz he ate extra Wheaties this morning.  Fact.  I think.





GAH! BB Goalie needs supervision.


As the period ended, Phil Lane scored to give us a huge 4-0 lead at first intermission.  WHAT A PERIOD GENTLEMEN.


OMG I take back the gentlemen part......



Imma die of shock. Not really. EWWWW



So Tippett, who is naughty and who is nice? Which is snot rocket boy on?


Tryout boys worked their asses off.  Derek Hulak and Geordie Wudrick both scored, in fact Wudrick scored two goals!  Then Blair Riley kicked the crap out of one of the Kings players and gave the dude a big, nasty cut!

Someone apparently wants a job.


WTF is with the Kings and zombies? Kopitar and now this dude.... Mark calls on Doan for assistance....



Call on Him and He shall answer you


Anyways the second game ended 7-1 Pups!  That is a whooping of epic proportions.  Who was the stud of the game????


Louie was so poised, he even found stray money! At least it wasn't another cup 😐


“All the defensive players really wanted to protect the paint and protect the house, so it makes it look easy for me out there,” Domingue said.   Awwwww!  He called the goal his house!  HE LIVES IN THE GOAL.  Wait, does that make him homeless?  This sounds like a case for BizNasty!  On second thought, I don’t want Biz ruining the innocent baby goalie.


Charo is intimidating! And confused!



Umm Justin, that's your own stick that is endangering you. HOW DID YOU EVEN DO DAT??



Ummm...... something's wrong with dis one.



Apparently Nick Ross loves his mom. And allegedly so did that Kings player.



The ref loves Louie so much that he tries to hold his hand. BACK OFF DA GOALIE THERE STRIPES!



No inter-office relationships allowed dude.



Can a goalie get a goal plz?


Anyways, so excited for camp.  Louie wasn’t invited to camp and I was pissed!  Then they announced that he played so well that he got an invitation.  GO BB GOALIE!

Rookie Camp studs:  Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Louie Domingue, Evan Bloodoff, Blair Riley, Maxim Goncharov

Rookie Camp duds:  Scott Darling, Nick Ross, most of the forwards.  Darling didn’t dress for either of the games.  FAIL.

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  1. GoalieZero says:

    Hey Yotesgurl! I’ve posted some video up of the 1st Rookie Game on my YouTube channel, . Feel free to use them if you want. You can probably hear yourself cheering in the videos anywho. ; P

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