Rookie Camp Day 2: The Max & Oliver Show

Coyotes Rookie Camp

Day 2

OMG!  There ARE other players at camp other than Oliver Ekman-Larsson!  But just one.   This camp is officially “The Max & Oliver Show”.  It is a lovely reality show about a Russian and a Swede who are stud defensemen.  They want the same job and hijinks ensue!

Click the pics to make them larger.


Mark is tired from practice. Or is practicing his centerfold pose?

Slick hands on this boy right here

OOOF's hand-eye is sick

Puck in the net, snow on the goalie, smile on OOOF. Get used to it.

OOOF gets ready to attack Mark

Extreme close up..... WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Goalie catch!


I need you to go that way Oliver....

Kidding, I need you to go dat way.

Gonch thinks it's nap time

This is what it looks like when you have a good camp

The lid-less goalie

Gonch is apparently having a good camp..... all smiles

The Max & Oliver show

Starring......... Oliver Ekman-Larsson as OOOF

..... with Mike Stone guest starring as an assassin

Can I be on your show dude? OOOF: Hell no.

Lean on me, when you're not strong and I'll be a friend. O net you are his BFF

After skating, Charo is dead tired

Dude are you eating an orange peel?

BB Goalie & OOOF & Charo --- oh my!

Look out lil rookies, we haz our own show!

Maybe Louie will guest star as the dude they protect

Mat Watkins trying to move OOOF

Back off Watkins, OOOF haz stick and isn't afraid to use it

Mathieu will crush his helmet like little bug

Nick wants to be on the show. He fails.

Gormley makes a forwards sammich

O hai OOOF!

Chris Summers makes pretty faces while he plays.

Who's dis guy?

He'll be coming round the net when he comes!

Get him OOOF!

OOOF hangs around this dude a lot. WHO IS HE?


Summers is not smiley...... he must not be having a good camp?


I ❤ OOOF, he's such a happy dude

Even Nick Ross can make this kid laugh

Uh oh, Baby Gonch is in time-out! He sad!

We iz so cool Oli. We haz show. We get chicks.


Getting ready to haul ass out of the zone

These two are always together. If only they spoke the same language

Happy OOOF!

The live studio audience for the Max & OOOF show

*Gasp* You punch Oliver and I will shank you!

GMDM...... ordering pizza or fleecing another GM?

Mark loves Sean

Mat Watkins....?


The future stars...... or maybe this year?

Hmm.... where is Gonch?

Chris Summers was physical all day

Forget bending it like Beckham.... bend it like Gormley!

Stick... I must break you. Oh Charo, you're so Russian.

Nick Ross......

Stone, where is your body? GAH!

Thank God Charo has some scruff or him and Justin could be twins. Justin is Gonch's stunt double for the show!

It was all Dmen on day 2


Come see the Max & Oliver Show on Tuesday night!

Riley will be there too!

One more laughing OOOF

If for some reason these weren’t enough pictures for you, you can check out about 60 more at my online album from today:

Coyotes Rookie Camp Day 2 Pictures

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2 Responses to Rookie Camp Day 2: The Max & Oliver Show

  1. Alex says:

    Can Ulf have a recurring role on the show? Mostly so we can talk about Ulf and Oof in the same sentence…

  2. Skoskavf says:

    Nice pics of our former defenceman, Oliver Ekman Larsson :]

    What do you think about his chances to play NHL- hockey this season?

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